Glaciator at Olympic Legacy Theatre

Friday, 20 August 2004
Glaciator at Olympic Legacy Theatre
USA - Utah's Salt Lake City Olympic Legacy Theatre uses a pair of Jem Glaciator heavy foggers to create a special cloud effect during the opening and closing scenes of a feature movie that is presented several times each day.

Supplied by Las Vegas-based atmospheric and effects specialists Water FX, the Glaciators are used to create a three-dimensional cloud at the beginning of the film, a curved 37ft (11.3m) fog barrier that covers the projection screen. The fog creates a curtain onto which three projectors cast images of blue clouds. The fog curtain is controlled via fans and manifolds, and at one point a hole is blown through the cloud to create for the audience the effect of flying through the clouds.

At the end of the movie, viewers journey back through the clouds. Some 150ft (45.7m) of ducting, plus 120ft (36.6m) of manifold and 100ft (30.5m) of tubing with a large diverter box are used to channel the effect. The fog effect is designed to operate every 20 minutes for 12 hours a day.

Effects Designer Tim Vanwormer of Water FX says that not only have the Glaciators performed well, they have saved money on alternative systems - as well as trouble. "Handling is easier with the Glaciators than with dewar vessels and CO2 would have been hard to handle," he says. "Also, CO2 takes oxygen out of the air and they would have had to install a complete oxygen subsystem and oxygen monitoring devices to make sure they weren't endangering the people in the theatre. They are saving money on the front and backside of the installation - both the installation side and the operational side."

Designed for ultimate ease, all that is needed to run the Jem Glaciators is power and heavy fog fluid. "It was a matter of plugging them in and positioning the diverters," Tim says. "Other advantages are the duty cycle and the output volume."

Water FX may have another Glaciator install on the horizon, and a unique one at that. They are hoping to put a Glaciator into the bathroom of a club bar, creating a smoke curtain divider wall between the men's and women's restrooms.

(Lee Baldock)

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