GLP releases a light for the people

Tuesday, 27 April 2010
GLP releases a light for the peopleGLP's Volkslicht promises affordability without compromise
Germany - GLP's new Volkslicht brings affordability without compromise to those wanting to make use of LED as a lighting source, but are concerned about the cost, says the company.

This 'People's light' uses 60 Rebel LED's (21 green, 21 blue and 18 red) to create a full colour palette from strong saturates to subtle pastel colours for shorter throw applications. The Volkslicht is small, easy to rig, weighs in at just 8 kg (17 lbs) and has a power consumption of just 180 watts.

It also features full range dimming, and a strobe effect, while the new Zoom version has motorized zoom optics from 10° to 26° light distribution.

(Jim Evans)

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