Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001

Monday, 30 July 2001
Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001
Hayden Laboratories, the UK distributor for leading audio brands Denon from Japan and Rane from the USA, is launching four new products for professional DJ and installation markets at PLASA 2001. Also highlighted on the Hayden stand is equipment for the fixed installation market, including Rane’s renowned ECS conferencing system products and their various CobraNET interfaces.

The new Denon DN-X400 DJ mixer is aimed at pro DJs wanting high-spec, robust kit. It follows hot on the heels of Denon’s first DJ mixer, the Denon DN X-800, launched earlier in the year, which has already proved a massive success with cutting-edge DJs. The X400 mixer is aimed at mobile DJs, entry-level installations and bars, cafes, and retail environments featuring guest DJs. Features include improved tactile touch-rubber knobs and superior faders, and a Track Mark button on the front panel for the insertion of ‘track breaks’ when recording a continuous mix. The machine has two mic inputs, Channel Fader Start and Crossfader Start using the industry standard 5v pulse trigger, and cross fader Contour Control. Other features include individual gain control on each channel; three-band EQ; eight line and two phono inputs; Booth/Zone output for separate control of the DJ booth; effects loop from the main output and mic output and coaxial and optical digital outputs for great connectivity.

The new Rane DA 26 distribution amplifier is a neat 1U splitter/mixer device providing a one-box solution for all installers of paging and background music systems. The DA 26 provides a paging preamplifier, dynamics processor, crossover, distribution amplifier and remote-level-control in one unit. The DA 26 can serve up to six zones, routing a mono Program Source and a Priority Page Source. The program source is processed by an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit with adjustable target level, ratio and attack/decay.

The new MP 2 Mobile Mixer is designed specifically for discriminating mobile DJs. Each Program bus selects any of the four stereo Inputs, and any Input can appear on either side of the Crossfader. Each of the two Program buses has two selectable phono/line Inputs and two stereo line Inputs and each Program Bus has its own Bass and Treble EQ. Identical to other Rane mixers, the crossfader is a long-lasting, noise-free 60mm wide Active Crossfader. The MP 2 includes many additional important features - Cue Engage on each bus; a headphone slide fader that pans Cue to Master and a powerful, low-noise Headphone Amp with Level control.

Finally, the new Rane SR 3 Smart Remote is a generic, wired, RS-485 remote control with a 31-position LED indicator, data encoder with built in push-switch and a 98 x 64 pixel LCD display with a programmable backlight. The SR 3 is designed to work with programmable control systems (e.g. Panja or Crestron) and distribute control throughout an installation. Applications include use with Crestron or Panja room controllers to extend control to multiple locations - one to seven remotes can control many zones; or as a generic RS-485 control (with controller) to select sources and adjust volume or select memories for room combining or to dim lights or lower screens/curtains. SR 3 Configurator software comes with the product for set up. The encoder can be locked out by grounding the Encoder Lock terminal and enabling Auto Lock in the SR 3 Configurator software. Up to 16 bitmaps can be stored locally in the SR 3 EEPROM that can be automatically recalled to correspond with different system functional modes.

More information on all the above products can be found on stand S1 at PLASA 2001. In addition, there will be a selection of Denon twin-CD players, other DJ devices and music source machines, plus Rane club and processing products and a preview of the new Rane DSP range.

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