Hollywood's Sound Media adds Flex Array

Wednesday, 6 July 2011
Hollywood's Sound Media adds Flex ArraySound Media's founder and president Lennox Foster
USA - Hollywood, Florida-based Sound Media has invested in a Turbosound Flex Array loudspeaker system. "My degree is in electrical engineering, so I am very analytical in choosing my equipment," says founder and president Lennox Foster. "When we auditioned speakers for this purchase, the vocal clarity of the Flex Array really caught our attention. It provides great intelligibility, and really highlights the subtleties of music at any volume. Combined with the other design factors of the cabinet, it was the clear choice for us."

Corporate and worship events comprise the majority of Sound Media's business along with a steady stream of music concerts. With venues ranging from hotel ballrooms and churches to golf courses and airplane hangars, flexibility and ease of use were critical factors in choosing a new line array.

"Physically, the TFA-600H is different," says Foster. "This loudspeaker provides a great deal of SPL with moderate amplification, and I like the fact that it can be used as either a two-way or three-way box. On corporate events where space is often an issue, we can have a smaller amplifier footprint by using the two-way configuration."

He continues, "The loudspeaker has a small visual footprint, which works well for our corporate clients and ballroom events. At 90 pounds, hanging four boxes from a 500-pound capacity rigging point becomes much less difficult. I also like the ability to rotate the horn to configure the loudspeaker in a horizontal array, which takes less than five minutes. The Turbosound Flex has been a great investment for us."

Sound Media currently owns 16 TFA-600H array loudspeakers, complemented by Turbosound TA-500 loudspeakers, which are deployed as fill-speakers for wider dispersion in the nearfield. The company's custom subwoofers were designed and built by Lennox Foster himself.

"I have been designing loudspeakers since high school," Foster notes, "so I'm very opinionated on this topic. The Flex Array meets all of our needs, including sound quality, efficiency and multiple configuration capability. We have acquired new clients because of the sound, and we plan to expand our inventory to 24 boxes so we can do even larger events."

(Jim Evans)

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