i-Pix for Klaxons

Thursday, 24 May 2007
i-Pix for Klaxons
UK - Lighting designer Mark Wynn Edwards specified 29 i-Pix Satellite fixtures on the recent Klaxons UK tour. The band - among the most exciting newcomers to the UK scene - completed their first full UK production tour, creating real waves as they blasted around the UK playing completely sold out shows.

Wynn-Edwards had used Satellites before on several TV productions and one-offs that he's worked on as a technician, "I was fully aware of the potential of these fixtures and also how reliable and tough they are," he says, which is essential for a touring environment. He also thought they would be ideal to fulfil a number of different lighting tasks in his design.

He used the Satellites to up-light six vertical A-type trussing towers on the stage - measuring 8, 6 and 4ft high respectively, and arranged in descending order upstage to downstage. One Satellite was tucked inside the base of each truss tower and "really did the business in terms of brightness" he says, adding, "as well as being so small and versatile that they will fit virtually anywhere."

In addition to this, there were eight Satellites on four floor stands used for key lighting the four band members. He was looking for something other than 'traditional' key lighting, and this was also a neat solution to an itinerary offering up a huge variety of different venues and stage spaces, with no guarantee of a front truss.

"I wanted to do something interesting with this aspect anyway," explained Wynn-Edwards, "The band wanted it to look 'arty' and the Satellites provide a very different look and feel to key lighting, getting us right away from anything 'standard' but fulfilling the basic function really efficiently."

The lights were based around a back truss and the floor to ensure flexibility, and so elements could be dropped in and out according to the available stage space. The other 13 Satellites were all on the back truss - some pointing out towards into the audience, 'blinder' style, with the remainder illuminating the back cloth. Again, they were highly effectively used for both these functions.

All lighting equipment was supplied by HSL where the account was handled by Mike Oates. Additionally, Klaxons were the first band to road test two of the new i-Pix LED Wash-light fixtures, soon to be released by i-Pix.

(Chris Henry)

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