In memoriam: Steve 'Bunty' King

Wednesday, 24 October 2012
In memoriam: Steve 'Bunty' KingSteve ‘Bunty' King – fondly remembered
UK - LMC Audio has announced the passing of Steve 'Bunty' King, aged 58, on Wednesday 17 October 2012, after a long battle with cancer. The company sends its deepest condolences to wife Janice and all their family.

Steve started at pro audio sales company LMC Audio in 1996, after an illustrious career in the concert touring rental market with Entec Sound & Light and then Dimension Audio. He quickly applied his no-nonsense approach to Export Sales, mastering many a tricky language in 30 seconds flat in the days before email and auto-translation.

In 2000 he was appointed London sales manager, and enjoyed fruitful and lively relationships with hundreds of customers, suppliers and staff alike. He was responsible for helping many a youngster find their industry feet, building on his gigging teamwork and enjoying the new challenge of achieving satisfaction through the success of others. During difficult times for dealership businesses, Steve ran very successful sales campaigns with Midas Heritage, Martin Wavefront and then Yamaha digital.

Steve answered the call for greater proactivity in 2008, and took to the road for LMC. He mastered the very latest skill sets and technologies from the industry majors, and additionally developed his own very special 'social' demo style, so very popular with customers and manufacturers alike. In April 2010 Steve suddenly became ill again and to his enormous credit he again fought his way back to work on a part time basis mid 2011 until June 2012 when tiredness caught up with him.

Paul Hinkly, MD at LMC, says, "I first met Steve back in the 80s in that hotbed for talent down at Entec. His sales bravery was right to the fore even then as he robustly declined my proposals for deals on ex rental equipment before expertly doing the biz on his terms. When Steve eventually came to LMC in the 90s he worked very hard, and became the master of relationship selling, with that huge 9 inch smile so often breaking over his face as he orchestrated a meeting or demo turning noisy.

"Steve always made me feel proud when he was out there representing the Company. His values of doing the right thing by customers and suppliers alike could never be questioned and to this day cannot be bettered. He was brave in the sale, and brave as a man, fighting years of illness and discomfort with little or no outwards sign. He was reliable, steady as a rock, and exact in his work - the kind of employee any company would want on their team. He will be long remembered by all those lucky enough to have worked him."

(Jim Evans)

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