Infinity Spot XL on tour with Tiziano Ferro

Monday, 21 May 2012
Infinity Spot XL on tour with Tiziano FerroTiziano Ferro's latest tour set out from Mantua in April
Italy - Tiziano Ferro's latest tour set out from Mantua in April, stopping off at the sports halls in Italy's main towns. An elegant lighting design created by show designer Francesco De Cave featured Coemar's newly-release Infinity Spot XL. Lighting is provided by Agorà.

Coemar's new 1500W version of the swivel spots is the result of the joint effort of the Coemar technical team and feedback from Francesco De Cave.

Francesco De Cave explains, "I'm delighted I chose Infinity Spot XL. The gobos we have had custom made, the new colour palettes and powerful high-quality light are the key factors which, in my opinion, make it the most powerful, ductile and efficient swivel spotlight currently on the market.

" Two of the 34 Infinity Spot XL are used as spotlights background with the pan and tilt functions disabled and a handle mounted on the back for use by operators located at the ends of the stage, up on the house-light hangs, for step-by-step illumination of the artist. These spots keep the same performance layout, keeping the same gobos and colours and blending perfectly with the rest of the lighting design."

"Coemar is delighted to work with Agorà and Francesco De Cave," says Salvatore Grillo, Coemar's new sole director. "I'm very pleased about their renewed trust in Coemar, and our products and new management team. We're experiencing an exciting new season of renewal and restructuring. Our continuing collaboration with customers and sales partners all over the world will shortly be leading to new products that are more reliable and perform better and built to the user's exact specifications."

The first part of the tour ends on 23 May in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. The tour will then move on to some of Italy's top outdoor locations in June and July. Tiziano Ferro will also be performing at the Forest National in Brussels.

(Jim Evans)

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