L-Acoustics Baptist church Install

Thursday, 1 April 2004

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UK - SA Sound Services of Wellingborough has just completed a full A/V installation for the 500 capacity Brickhill Baptist church in Bedford. Steve Ashley CEO of SA Sound commented: "The church had a historical problem getting intelligible sound to the rear seating which is under a low ceiling running around the entire perimeter of the room. The choice of the L-Acoustics MTD112b has solved that problem. Using an L/C/R format we were able to cover the entire auditorium very evenly and just as importantly cost effectively with just three elements".

Both Pastor Paul Woodward and Paul Templeman the resident sound engineer have confirmed that the new system is much clearer with excellent vocal clarity throughout the room. Templeman said: "There is no problem now in reaching the perimeter seating, and we have a very even SPL coverage at all frequencies around the venue. The system also works really well with lectern microphones and tie clip radio systems. Where we used to suffer continually from feedback we now have a very high level of headroom and intelligibility".

Paul Nicholson L-Acoustics UK sales manager added: "SA Sound has installed several MTD Church systems over the last few years and this certainly confirms how well suited the MTD coaxial product line is to this kind of installation. Benefiting from 85ยบ conical directivity and point source radiation the MTD112b along with the MTD08a and MTD115b are ideal for distributed systems as well as stand alone front of house and monitoring applications".

Equipment installed manufactured by L-Acoustics were: three MTD112b loudspeakers, three ETR1 mounting brackets, one LLC112b-st controller, one SB115 sub bass loudspeaker, two LA24a amplifiers and a Soundcraft Digital 324 mixer.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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