Le Maitre double debut at LDI 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012
Le Maitre double debut at LDI 2012The Salamander is Le Maitre's newest canister flame effect
USA - Le Maitre unveiled two new machines at this year's LDI.

Le Maitre's HazeMaster has been engineered to withstand the rigours of the road when on tour.

Le Maitre have taken all their experience from HazeMaster's predecessors, the renowned Stadium Hazer and the MVS Hazer, and designed a completely new machine with a host of new features and benefits. Le Maitre's acquired knowledge and original investments have enabled them to produce a much more competitively priced unit, despite using higher quality, longer lasting parts, says the company.

The combination of an industrial grade air-pump, a two-stage heating process and a microprocessor controller, produce an output so powerful that the HazeMaster can convert up to 500cc of fluid per hour. Despite the huge output, the high efficiency design results in the power consumption of the HazeMaster being just 800W - less than half that of the Stadium Hazer.

The Salamander is Le Maitre's newest canister flame effect and produces "the same great propane look as Le Maitre's Chameleon with some very unique new features".

The Salamander's small footprint allows units to be coupled together in a single position to produce larger flames or multiple colors. For example, four units together can collectively produce flames ranging in height from 10' to 22'.

(Jim Evans)

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