Le Maitre launches ProStage II effects

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Le Maitre launches ProStage II effectsGold Glitter Waterfall gives a 12 second stream of gold glittering stars
UK - Le Maitre has announced the addition of seven new products to their ProStage II professional range of pyrotechnics.

Falling Star is billed as "an incredibly bright star" and is available in 10 different colour versions, that falls under gravity over 30ft.

8' Ice Gerb is a dazzling spray of silver sparks with a bright white flame, projecting upwards to 8ft high.

Saxon offers a 20ft spray of projected rotating silver sparks - similar to a Catherine Wheel effect.

Gold Glitter Waterfall gives a 12 second stream of gold glittering stars falling 16ft.

13mm & 23mm Flashpots feature red, green or white -with rolling smoke, flame and a report.

SPD#1 is a 'robotics' effect - also known as an Electric Fault Simulator, producing a small flash and a spray of directional silver sparks to 10ft.

"We are really excited about the new additions to the PSII range as it will provide our customers with a number of completely new effects to delight their audiences with", says Sally Dobinson, marketing manager.

"Le Maitre's strategy has always been to lead the way in pyrotechnology advancements and we believe this is going to be one of our most ambitious years yet. To facilitate the speed to market for the large number of products we already have under development, two new members of staff were recently recruited to our Peterborough-based R&D department - Dr. Hamish Cavaye (PhD) and Tobias Phillips (BSc.) who join an experienced team led by Dan Butt, Pyrotechnic Development Manager."

(Jim Evans)

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