Le Mark's new floor springs into action

Thursday, 2 August 2012

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UK - Offering a wall to wall, high load bearing sprung floor, Le Mark's new Woodland Spring "has wowed students and dancing professionals after its recent installation at the award winning Edge Hill University", says the company.

Le Mark's Dave Cartwright says, "The need to offer outstanding levels of dancing support and comfort, whilst at the same time being able to withstand the weight of heavy, powered access equipment being driven over the floor is just what Woodland Spring has been developed to offer. Traditional void sprung floors are incapable of accepting the weights involved in the powered access equipment and no other flooring company could give Edge Hill the assurances that they needed."

Edge Hill's performing arts technician Thom Harrison says, "Le Mark helped us through the process of choosing and installing the floor in our Studio Theatre, and the result is fantastic. The new floor allows our dancers to perform right up to the front row of seats, and the traditional setting line that previously formed a physical barrier between performer and audience has been removed.

"That we can run heavy height access (currently a Teupen Leo 15 GT) on the floor is incredibly useful - we can be rigging at 10am and have a dance class in at 10:15. Dave Cartwright from Le Mark has been excellent, and he has been on-site to offer after sales care and advice. We have used Le Mark's MagTape Professional gaffer tape for a long time, but over the last year we have started to use other products from Le Mark, including their Dirty Rigger gloves, other tapes and floor coverings, all with great success."

(Jim Evans)

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