LED giant Ledman enters European market

Friday, 26 October 2012
LED giant Ledman enters European marketContracts were officially signed at PLASA 2012
China / Europe - Based in the epicentre of China's optoelectronic industry, Ledman Optoelectonic Co., Ltd has grown over recent years to become one of the world's largest specialists in LED component, display and lighting product manufacture. Now, with contracts officially signed at PLASA 2012, the company has acquired Ledman Europe GmbH, a dedicated European operation, which will ensure that its expansion is set to continue.

Having thoroughly prepared its product range for the European market, with all important aspects such EMC certification in place, the company knew it needed to have a European base, providing local support from local language speaking experts.

"To support our customers properly, it's very important that we understand what is required in each location around the world," says Ledman founder and chairman Martin Lee. "Europe has very specific requirements when it comes to product certification, technical specifications and the need for customization, so to operate there successfully, we need experts with local knowledge.

"Every product we produce now meets the highest technical standards of the European market and, with our base conveniently located in Southern Germany, we can offer planning assistance, maintenance, installation support and pre- and aftersales service in a customer's own language and time zone."

In charge of the European operation is Michiel Hettinga, a wellknown name in the LED screen industry, who has assembled a team including Roberto Segato, Jens Schelde, Maarten Hettinga and Andrea Greguoldo.

"Michiel has been in the LED Industry for more than 15 years, working with both Lighthouse Technologies and DisplayLED," continues Lee. "His team is equally well qualified and the location of the European office is ideal. This provides the perfect solution for our customers."

"When you buy from Ledman Europe GmbH you will get the security of buying from one of the financially strongest companies in the LED world," adds Hettinga. "You will also get local support through our offices in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Spain, via a team of LED experts that is close to you, speaks your language and has unsurpassed experience and technical knowledge.

"We are dedicated to delivering the very best solutions to our customer's and excited about making the Ledman name as well known in Europe as it is in China."

(Jim Evans)

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