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Rogues reflect many moods of Bruce Hornsby

Friday, 21 July 2017

USA - After three Grammy Awards, over 100 shows with the Grateful Dead, and 11m record sales, Bruce Hornsby hasn’t lost his taste for touring. The singer-songwriter is crisscrossing the US with his band The Noisemakers this summer and enjoying every minute of it. Touring is fun, Hornsby told an interviewer, because he and the band “keep the spontaneity factor high.” This free-flowing spirit was very much in evidence when the Hornsby tour bus pulled into the Columbia County Amphitheatre in June.
The owner of Quest Sound & Productions, Berret created a bountiful range of looks to reflect Hornsby’s eclectic set list with a rig that was anchored by CHAUVET Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures and run with a ChamSys PC Wing. Even a sudden summer storm, which wound up cutting the concert short, didn’t damped the pure exuberance of the concert or the lightshow.
“The combination of Chauvet fixtures and ChamSys worked very well for me because of its flexibility,” said Berret. “Bruce Hornsby and his band convey a lot of different moods with their music and they are very loose on stage. The Chauvet gear gave me a lot of options and I was able to change looks quickly with my ChamSys to keep up with the music.”
Key to helping Berret conjure up a steady stream of fresh looks were the four Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures in his stage package. He had two of the units stacked on truss just to the left and just to the right of centre stage. Drawing on the five independently controlled moving heads on each of the linear Rogues and their rapid pan-tilt


Solaris T-Lights on Stone Roses tour

Friday, 21 July 2017

Europe - The Manchester band Stone Roses completed their European tour last month, highlighted by a sold-out performance at London’s Wembley Stadium. For their 2017 tour, lighting designer Paul Normandale of Lite Alternative Design included two Solaris T-Light 85,000 Watt Lightning Machines.
“Two were plenty,” says lighting director and programmer Glen Johnson. “These over-the–top strobes are reliable and daylight bright. We needed something for maximum impact against a huge amount of video surfaces. The back screen alone was 35 x 6 meters, with an additional seven screens of IMAG. The T-Lights provided defining moments when used and dramatically ‘altered’ the stage surface each time. Love them!”
Provided for the tour by Lite Alternative, Solaris T-Light Lightning Machines have a flash length from 1/30 to 3.5 seconds and an output of up to two million lumens.
(Jim Evans)


Robe on song for Singapore’s Garden Beats

Friday, 21 July 2017

Singapore - Lighting for the second Garden Beats Festival organised by Sunshine Nation and staged in the pastoral green environs of Fort Canning Park in Singapore was designed by Craig Burridge.
He included an interesting mix of Robe products on his plot including 24 x Linees, six ColorStrobes and six LEDBlinder 148 LTs, all of which contributed to a lively and colourful scheme for the one-day event for which the lighting vendor was locally based CSP Productions Pte Ltd.
Craig’s main objective was to have a flexible and adaptable rig to provide good general stage, set and audience lighting for the line-up of dance orientated artists – with a few surprises up his sleeve.
The 9 x 8m stage was fitted beneath a 10 x 9m ground-supported roof structure with 10m of headroom and this had to be squeezed in between a selection of heritage trees which grace the park, allowing the organisers to maximise the audience space.
The stage and DJ booth was clad in wood pieces and other natural materials which took the light well, and the view through the stage to the back was of one specific heritage tree that Craig knew would look awesome.
The client brief specifically requested that the lighting did not resemble a club as they were keen to emphasis the whole Garden Beats event as a once-only ‘for-the-moment’ experience, rather than something that can be repeated and replicated.
The general theme and mood of the festival is bright and colourful, so Craig took that into account. He also wanted to use a full LED rig to keep the power r


Bandit Lite appoints equipment coordinator

Thursday, 20 July 2017

USA - Bandit Lites has appointed Justin Wilk as equipment coordinator, heading up the planning, direction and coordination of Bandit’s extensive inventory. “I am responsible for finding solutions for complicated and complex production issues,” Wilk said. “By supporting the inventory control manager, I’ll ensure that all parties have the information they need about the location of equipment.”
Following his studies in Recording Arts and Show Production and Touring at Full Sail University, Wilk began working with artists in the studio and then on the road, touring extensively as a stage manager and guitar technician, where his time on the road gave him a love and appreciation for the lighting and visual production side of the entertainment business.
“Justin is a great addition to Bandit’s team,” said Bandit Lites general manager, Mark Steinwachs. “Just like being on tour, here at Bandit we have multiple departments that all have to work together to get shows out the door. With his touring experience as a stage manager, Justin is able to see a bigger picture with gear and how it needs to flow to make each show happen.”
(Jim Evans)


High End Systems debuts new website

Thursday, 20 July 2017

USA - High End Systems enters the next phase of its growth with a new website. The upgraded has been completely redesigned to offer a more engaging user experience with improved navigation and functionality.
“We wanted to continue the excitement of the company’s new direction with a website that reflected the energy of our products and better addresses the needs of our users,” says HES general manager Becky Koester. “Our new site offers a refreshed, dynamic way to get all the information about any High End Systems products, hear the latest news, find technical support, and share war stories and successes in the forums.”
The new design makes it fast to learn all about High End, with clear direction and links to all High End products, including their award-winning SolaSpot line of fixtures and the Hog family of consoles. Mobile users and desktop surfers will equally enjoy the slick new site thanks to its mobile responsive design. The site will automatically configure itself to offer the best view for any screen size, ensuring users can find what they need no matter how they visit.
The popular user forums remain an integral part of the site, letting users help each other and share their latest triumphs. Other success stories have a higher profile on the site too, with an added focus on the latest designs, shows, studios and stages that showcase High End gear.
(Jim Evans)


X4 Bars star in Dream of Gerontius at RFH

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - An ambitious production of Sir Edward Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius - a collaboration between the English National Opera, Royal Festival Hall and BBC Singers, was described by lighting designer Lucy Carter as “dramatic, soulful, beautiful, calm and overwhelming”.
Her aim “to map the emotions of the music in order to give the audience a visceral sensation, with all lighting textures complementary to the music” was achieved with 160 of GLP’s award-winning X4 Bars, which were used almost exclusively in the set.
These fixtures formed the main component of the show, featuring full orchestra and chorus, as the LD mapped every single pixel individually on an ETC EOS desk - with programmer Jenny Kershaw setting up over 500 cues on the console.
This exercise required not only major support from ETC’s Andy Davies but also GLP’s Simon Barrett, who equipped all 160 fixtures (including 10 of the smaller Bar 10 battens) with the company’s new 2 degree filter. Fitted as a diffuser on the front, this smoothed out any possible colour shift when viewed at close range.
The stage set itself comprised a large outer tri-lined triangle of bars, set at an angle of 10° from the mother truss, with a smaller triangle in the middle, and a further three long X4 Bar 20 lines at the back.
Lucy Carter visualised this epic design in WYSIWYG over a three-week period before having to set up the massive test rig at RFH, which then had to be derigged for another production before being reinstalled in what proved to be an extremely tight time


Chauvet joins Blackpool Fitness Showcase 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - While Blackpool’s Winter Gardens is perhaps most famed for its varied programme of visiting musical acts, during three days in March, the complex attracts a whole different kind of audience for the International Fitness Showcase (IFS), the UK’s largest event for fitness aficionados.
To provide suitably dynamic lighting for the three energy-packed days of dance, aerobics, lectures, workshops and mind/body sessions across the 14 rooms of the Winter Gardens, LD and assistant production manager Ollie Wilkinson and Thomas Beattie, production manager at Arranpaul, came up with a lighting concept spearheaded by a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash, COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 and Rogue R1 Spot fixtures.
“As this was the sixth year that Arranpaul provided production for the IFS, we wanted to make this year’s design special,” commented Wilkinson. “With our huge arsenal of Chauvet, we were able to create vibrant looks throughout the whole complex to bring out the energy in the show.”
Throughout the 14 rooms – including the 3000-capacity Victorian-era Empress Ballroom --Wilkinson specified 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash, 12 COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 and six Rogue R1 Spot moving head fixtures to set the tone for an upbeat lighting display. While the Rogue R2 Wash and the COLORdash Battens produced a consistent palette of engaging saturated wash lighting, the Rogue R1 Spots delivered punchy bursts of energetic aerial effects, thanks to such features as a 3-facet prism and interchangeable gobo wheels.
“The combination o


Hawthorn supports Status Quo acoustic dates

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - Hawthorn has recently supported Status Quo for their Aquostic tour; a follow up to their 2015 album Aquostic II which includes the band’s biggest hits, reimagined in an acoustic setting.
Running from 2 June to 1 July, the tour included a headline spot on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury and Suite Festival in Barcelona, before culminating in a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall.
Hawthorn supplied a lighting and drapes package, which ranged from a console and visualiser to allow Status Quo’s lighting designer to programme the show during band rehearsals, to a floor package and variety of extras to supplement the in-house lighting systems for the warm up shows and festivals, and a full lighting rig for the Royal Albert Hall.
Ewan Cameron, the band’s lighting designer said: ''Status Quo have had a very strong working relationship with Hawthorn for a number of years and the service they provided for the Aquostic tour once again delivered the level of high quality equipment and support I’ve come to expect from Mick and the team. No request or detail is too small and it’s great to have their support when the band goes on the road.”
Mick Freer, Hawthorn’s head of concert touring said: “It’s always a pleasure to work with Ewan and the Status Quo team. Whether they’re staging a full-on rock performance or a stripped back acoustic show, the visual experience has to be on point to meet audience expectations and it’s a privilege to work with the team to help create that.”
Equipment supplied included: Claypaky


Liteup enters the arena with alt-J

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - Technical supplier and coordinator Liteup Events recently supported Mercury Prize-winning music stars, alt-J, at their first arena show of 2017 at London's The O2 Arena, as part of the venue's 10th year celebrations. The arena show comes at the beginning of alt-J's current worldwide tour, which also saw them headline The Other Stage at Glastonbury this year.
Liteup began working with lighting and show design duo Jeremy Lechterman and Jackson Gallagher of FragmentNine on alt-J's last album cycle. Working alongside production manager Bennie Brongers and tour manager Maarten Cobbaut, Liteup is supplying all things visual, except for lasers, on their current EU tour. The company is also supplying the lighting and video control package worldwide.
For the festival shows, which make up the bulk of alt-J's touring this summer, Liteup is supplying 84 x GLP X4 Bar 20, 18 x Claypaky Mythos2, three Robe BMFL Wash Beam and 22 x SGM P5 LED washlight. Demonstrating their problem-solving approach, Liteup collaborated with WonderWorks, Brilliant Stages and FragmentNine to devise a custom dolly solution to get nearly 250 fixtures and a 60' wrap around video screen on stage in 10 minutes.
"The detail of a show's production is integral to making the tour work smoothly and successfully, so going above and beyond makes a big difference," says Marc Callaghan, cofounder of the company alongside partner Kris Box. "For example, when alt-J played at Rock Werchter Festival, trying to get the production floor package in, with The Foo Fighters headlining after, needed a lot


Natural History Museum makes big splash

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

UK - The Natural History Museum has re-opened its famous Hintze Hall event space following a transformation which welcomes a blue whale skeleton to take pride of place.
The Natural History Museum reveals a new-look Hintze Hall which features a stunning 25.2 metre blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling and spectacularly diving into the space. This is part of the museum’s biggest transformation it its 136-year history which includes hundreds of new specimens which have been chosen to celebrate the wonder and beauty of the natural world, from the origins of the universe, to the story of evolution and the diversity in the world today.Ten choice specimens have also been arranged in ground floor alcoves – known as Wonder Bays – including a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite and a Mantellisaurus skeleton.
The new installation provides event guests with an opportunity to dine directly underneath the sweeping blue whale skeleton, complete with its own stunning lighting display designed by White Light.
The launch event invited 1,100 guests to celebrate the spectacular re-opening of Hintze Hall. Guests were treated to an immersive experience on arrival including an ocean-inspired star cloth draping a walk-through tunnel, with smells and sounds of the sea. The guest journey continued through a mist curtain into Hintze Hall, immediately experiencing the grandeur of the new blue whale skeleton, under which was a sea scape with caterers
Speeches were delivered by the Museum’s Chair, Director and special guests including Sir David Attenborough. T


Jeff Ravitz and Bandit light Electric Forest Festival

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

USA - Owing to high demand (with tickets selling out before the line-up was even announced), the Electric Forest Music Festival doubled its days and held its woodland adventure over two consecutive weekends, with thousands making their way back into the effervescent woods that feel straight out of a fairytale dream.
Lighting designer Jeff Ravitz returned to design the lighting for the Sherwood Court Stage with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.
In designing the stage where artists such as Lido, The Floozies, Tycho and Black Tiger Sex Machine would perform, Ravitz focused on updating the overall look while still maintaining the aspects of the design that made last year’s set up successful, foremost of which was ensuring the system was ‘all things to all bands’ (within reason and budget).
“We have four or five of the artists’ LDs coming in daily, all with the desire to be true to their touring show, and I attempt to give them the building blocks,” Ravitz explained. “I retained last year’s core overhead lighting positions that seemed to provide everyone with the angles and density of beamage that they liked, and I kept the mixture of fixture types so there would continue to be a variety of textures and effects.”
Due to Bandit’s extensive inventory of out-of-the-ordinary truss shapes, Ravitz was able to save on custom trussing and transform previously straight runs of truss into curved elements. “This not only added interest, but it was immediately seen as something cool looking and new as the crowd gathered during


The Courteeners get creative with Ambersphere

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

UK - On 27 May, The Courteeners took to the stage at Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground, less than a week after the bombing atrocity at the Manchester Arena claimed so many victims. Supported by The Charlatans, Blossoms and Cabbage, this was meant to be Courteeners’ step up from theatre and arena shows to stadium size venues but events conspired to turn the gig into something else entirely.
Dan Hill was in control on a grandMA2 Light operating a lighting rig that was heavy on Ayrton and Claypaky fixtures as specified from Dan Hill and Chris ‘Squib’ Swain’s design house, Cassius Creative. “The tour and the new show design started life back at the end of 2016,” says Hill. “Up to that point, the band’s look had been with more traditional tungsten fixtures so this was a real remodelling of the entire production. We wanted a more modern feel to this campaign and turned to Ayrton and Claypaky, both from the Ambersphere family of brands for the ideal solution.
“At Old Trafford, the rig featured eight linear trusses, each lined with over 20 Ayrton MagicBlade-Rs, so in total we had nearly 170. This created the more contemporary look we were after and with the beamy, multi-cell MagicBlades, multiple versatile visual effects could be created. We also incorporated a panoramic strip of video: 3.6m high by 14m across the stage that was used for live camera work in various layouts and styles – and in the layout below and above the video screen we had enough MagicBlade sources to give us a variety of pixel map and dimmer effect options.


Jands appointed Robe distributor for Australia

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Australia - Robe has confirmed the appointment of Jands as the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Robe and Anolis lighting brands.
Jands is an Australian owned company founded in 1970 that manufactures and distributes some the world’s most recognised lighting, audio and staging products primarily for the entertainment and exhibition industry.
With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sydney, a factory in Melbourne and offices in Brisbane and Perth, Jands employs over 120 people across Australia and is ideally located to deliver the superlative service for which they are renowned.
Jands also has an international reputation and worldwide industry recognition for its award-winning range of lighting consoles, among other products.
(Jim Evans)


Jerad Garza joins Ayrton’s growing sales team

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Europe - Ayrton has announced the appointment of Jerad Garza as the latest member of its growing International sales team.
Originating from Texas, Garza entered the industry as show technician with Gemini LSV in Dallas where he spent 17 years learning all aspects of show production, before progressing to the position of sales director and project manager. Roles in European & international sales followed, firstly with Solaris and, most recently, with High End Systems.
Based in South Germany, Garza’s role will be to focus on supporting Ayrton’s existing international clients, in addition to establishing and growing new ones, and will have additional responsibility for selling demo and excess stock worldwide.
“Now is an exciting time to join the Ayrton team, and I cannot wait to meet our partners and contribute to their growth and success,” he says. “Ayrton is a brand with a great reputation and I am looking forward to playing my part in upholding that.”
“Jerad has a great understanding of the needs of the international market, an exceptional technical knowledge, and a great affinity with the tenets at the heart of Ayrton,” says Ayrton global sales director, Michael Althaus. “The energy and enthusiasm he brings to Ayrton and his determination to ensure our customers receive the best service, means he will be a great addition to the Ayrton team. We are looking forward to having him on board.”
(Jim Evans)


PR upgrades popular hybrid fixture

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

China - PR Lighting’s new XR 440B BWS expands on the existing XR 440 BWS, which integrates three features (Spot, Wash and Beam) in a single unit. Combining the same advanced 440W Osram Sirius lamp technology with superb optical system, it has been upgraded with an animation effect added to the fixed gobo wheel, along with a wide angle (50°) zoom and LCD touch screen control.
Full features include: mechanical strobe (0.3-25 fps with macro); mechanical dimmer (0-100% linearly adjustable); CMY linear colour mixing with macros; colour wheel (13 colours with CTO plus open); rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds; stepping/linear colour changer and fixed gobo wheel (10 gobos plus open, bi-directionally rotatable and shakeable at variable speeds.
(Jim Evans)


PRG XL Video supplies Buxton International Festival

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

UK - Hosted in the Idyllic spa town of Buxton, huddled within the Peak District National Park, the Buxton International Festival is a celebration of theatrical and literary excellence which attracts speakers, acts and audiences in coveted numbers.
PRG XL Video supported lighting designer Mike Gunning, and production electrician Tim Ball, with a theatrical lighting package for the three operas headlining this year’s festival at the Buxton Opera House: Verdi’s Macbeth, Britten’s Albert Herring, and Mozart’s Lucio Silla.
Although its heritage can be traced farther back, the current format of the Buxton Festival has been running since the refurbishment of the opera house in 1979 - and has grown to become the highly respected cultural event it is today. Drawing crowds from far and wide, patrons of the Buxton Festival know what they want to see, and what they don’t. Tim Ball explained: “The prestige of the productions we put on at Buxton need to be of the highest standard, our audiences expect our offerings to rival anything that may be seen at the big opera houses in capital cities around the world.”
Tim has been closely involved with the festival for over 15 years, and describes the 17-day event as one of the highlights of his year. He discussed what it takes to oversee the practicalities of lighting three operas in rep at a festival like Buxton: “One of the biggest challenges we face is the schedule - we begin our load in on Monday morning and by Tuesday evening we need to be ready for the first rehearsal. This time


Robe very much alive with Phil Collins

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Europe - Phil Collins - was on the road last month (June 2017) for his Not Dead Yet mini tour, named as per his autobiography published in October 2016.
Collins’ long term lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe has created a stylish, animated lightshow, which is directed and operated on the road by Roland Greil, who also acted as the associate designer for the show - the two have collaborated on a number of projects in recent years including Adele last year, and on this one they worked closely with set and scenic designer, Misty Buckley.
On the rig are 48 x Robe BMFL Spot moving lights, a Robe RoboSpot remote control system and two PATT 2013s, all being provided by leading UK lighting rental company, Neg Earth.
Patrick has worked for the artist for nearly 20 years and this tour celebrates his return from ‘retirement’, It plays London’s Royal Albert Hall and multiple shows in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, the AccorHotels Arena in Paris as well as shows in Dublin. It culminates in the former rock supergroup Genesis drummer’s largest ever solo show in Hyde Park at the end of the month.
The show – for which Collins is most definitely centre stage - is based around a stunningly elegant and almost timeless – but understatedly modern - stage concept with a flexible and vibrant lighting rig.
Two LED screens are an integrated part of the scenery together with some additional ‘soft’ scenic elements like an Austrian gauze, a chic silver curtain and a star cloth adding flourishes of classic stage magic.
A wide dynamic ra


ADJ illuminates stage for Dutch liberation celebration

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Netherlands - On 5 May 1945 the Netherlands was liberated from the Nazis. Initially the date was marked every five years with a celebration of liberation, but in 1990 5 May was designated an annual national holiday in the Netherlands.
The day is now commemorated by celebrations across the country, including music festivals held in one of the major cities of each of the Netherland’s 12 provinces. In Limburg, the festival is hosted in the city of Roermond and ADJ lighting was used to provide eye candy effects and illumination for one of the principle stages.
A historic city, that was established over 700 years ago, Roermond has a large, and architecturally-impressive, market square which provided the location for the festivities. A number of stages were erected around the square to allow a continuous program of musical performances to run from early afternoon right through until just before midnight. The line-up included a variety of high-profile Dutch pop stars, rock bands, and hip-hop performers, including Jett Rebel, The State, Stavast, Mr. Polska, Lotte Walda, Lil MG, and Gallowstreet.
For the SENA Stage, which featured a predominantly rock-focused line-up, production company Xymio decided to use 10 of ADJ’s Inno Color Beam Quad7 LED-powered moving head beam fixtures. Six of these units were arranged evenly spaced out along a truss running across the back of the stage’s roof and were used to backlight performers with richly-saturated colour washes.
The remaining four fixtures were rigged to metal pipes mounted to two truss totems.


Arkaos releases LEDMaster 1.2

Monday, 17 July 2017

Europe - Arkaos has announced the release of LEDMaster 1.2 with the support for the new interface Kling-Force LED.
Says the company, “Now is the perfect time to discover an incredibly flexible and efficient way to drive your next LED show! The release of the New LEDMaster 1.2 brings significant support updates for the Kling-Net protocol and also introduces support for the new interface Kling-Force LED, an incredibly efficient and easy way to control LED strips.”
The Kling-Net protocol makes the programming of LED devices much faster and easier. The Kling-Force LED platform is daisy chainable to distribute video over Ethernet via plug and play and no complex setup is required.
(Jim Evans)


PR Lighting’s Phantom is now a reality

Monday, 17 July 2017

China - PR Lighting has announced the release of Phantom, a new hybrid moving head first previewed at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight+Sound Show. An upgraded version of the XR 440 BWS, it contains a full designer’s toolkit in a single unit.
Utilising an Osram Sirius HRI 440W discharge source combined with PR Lighting’s advanced optical system, it delivers a solid beam, with 60° wide wash and an even varied spot.
The fully-featured fixture brings a number of advantages. These include a fixed gobo wheel with18 fixed gobos plus open, a rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos plus open; a prism wheel, with eight-facet prism and 4-facet linear prism as well as an independent 8-facet prism; an independent frost filter; an interchangeable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds.
Other features include mechanical dimmer (0-100%); double shutter blades (0.3-25 fps); motorized linear focus and zoom. The Phantom also boasts variable beam angles: 0°-2.8° (in Beam mode), 5°-60° (in Spot mode) and 5°-60° in Wash mode, all linearly adjustable. It offers Pan 540º (pan) and 270° (tilt) with auto position correction; DMX512 control with 22 channels in short mode, 30 in standard mode and 34 in extended mode. There is also a wireless control function.
(Jim Evans)


Chauvet creates Light Halo on Dierks Bentley tour

Monday, 17 July 2017

USA - No sooner had country superstar Dierks Bentley kicked off his winter What The Hell tour, than he announced he would be extending his road show into the summer in order to reach more fans at outdoor venues. It was a wise move. The Arizona-born and Nashville-based star is currently riding atop the Billboard Hot Tours chart, playing to more than a half million fans this year. Supporting him every step of the way is a Chris Reade-designed lightshow that features 26 Chauvet Professional Nexus 4 x 4 panels supplied by Christie Lites.
Reade is flying 14 of the RGBW panels on diagonally-oriented truss structures that vary from roughly 12’ to 24’ in height. The remaining 12 Nexus units in Reade’s rig are underneath a B stage, located about 200’ from the main stage.
Arranged in a web-like pattern on the overhead truss, the mainstage Nexus panels form a matrix of light over the performers. “The panels create what I call a halo effect,” said Reade. “Basically the stage is surrounded by the Nexus units, so they give me coverage, regardless of what else is happening with the other fixtures. In this sense, they are the workhorses/ safety net of our rig; they give us more confidence to do different things.”
The light halo created with the Nexus panels also ensures good views of Bentley, one of the more animated live performers on the touring scene, as he jumps, swivels and runs across the stage in his trademark fashion. When they aren’t serving as a visual anchor, the fixtures help juice up the star’s harder rocking songs and party


Bandit utilises SGM G-Spots on Bonnaroo Tower

Monday, 17 July 2017

USA - Whether it was someone’s first or tenth trip to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, one of the mainstays of the epic four-day weekend was the huge mirror ball tower acting as the hub of the festival.
Working with lighting designer Andi Watson and production manager William Irons, Bandit Lites once again provided the lighting for the tower with this year’s gear featuring the award-winning SGM G-Spot fixtures.
The focal point of Bonnaroo, the large rotating mirror ball on top of the tower, is actually a permanent structure that serves as a North Star of sorts to the festival attendees, allowing them to navigate more easily through the 700-acre field known as The Farm, in addition to providing a home for the communication antennae for radio, internet and more.
The tower was perfectly illuminated enduring even in the harshest elemental exposure. “The SGM fixtures are well suited for the harsh environment, being IP65 rated and having an LED source,” said Bandit project manager Gene Brian. The bright and saturated colours gave the tower an eye catching and easily identifiable look that was seen by the many festival attendees.
The G-Spot beamed colourful light all the way up the 11-story tower, a feat that Bandit’s Wayne Lotoza noted as the perfect use, saying, “They were big, they were bright, and just the right light to illuminate the tower on every Bonnaroo night.”
(Jim Evans)


Spikies & BMFL Blades keep it clean for Soprano

Monday, 17 July 2017

Europe - French Rapper Soprano – known for his hard-hitting but expletive-free lyrics as much as his massive popularity – recently toured with a new show and lighting design created by Victorien Cayzeele from All Access Design (AAD).
He specified Robe Spikies and BMFL Blades, which were supplied from leading French rental company, Dushow.
Victorien wanted a clean but edgy look for the lighting, which was also optimised for high trim heights, which is one reason the BMFL Blades were chosen. He also liked the idea of uniting Robe’s brightest moving lights with one of its smallest in size of the current range.
The stunning set design by Julien Mairesse resembled a large mountain range - riffing on the title of Soprano’s 2016 album L'Everest - which had video mapped onto it from four high-powered projectors throughout the show.
Twelve of the 20 BMFL Blades were rigged on four sections of truss above the stage, including two sloping downwards to frame the mountain range, with the other six on the front truss where they were used for key lighting the artist and his backing singers – brothers Zack and Diego. The final two were on the floor at the downstage edges to provide powerful cross light.
The 28 Spikies were positioned on a moving triangular truss section above a B-Stage, 10 metres in front of the main stage, accessed by an 8m long catwalk. Twelve Spikies were flown on the triangle, with the other 16 placed around the floor of the B-stage area where they produced excellent cage-like effects and blasted beams into the audience


National Theatre adds further GLP X4 Bars

Monday, 17 July 2017

UK - The National Theatre on London’s South Bank has invested heavily for the second time in GLP’s impression X4 Bar 20’s.
Lighting resources manager, Paul Hornsby, has added to the initial tranche of 18, which he purchased as soon as they first became available, with a further 20 in order to meet the increasing demand. Both batches were supplied by GLP dealer, White Light.
Explaining the rationale, he stated, “We have an extremely substantial rig at the National, and so every year, with my onsite team, we evaluate and discuss what needs replacing and upgrading, depending on both lighting designers’ requests and advances in technology.”
He confirmed, “The initial GLP purchase was the result of a combination of lighting designer referrals along with our own need to replace our ageing DLC fixtures.” And as soon as the first 18 fixtures arrived they were requisitioned for productions of Angels in America and Salomé.
Paul Hornsby’s introduction to the X4 Bars had been on GLP’s stand at last year’s PLASA Show in London. “I was extremely impressed and had never seen a unit like them - they seemed to have a lot of features. I had also seen them in use on other shows and heard nothing but praise from lighting designers who were quick to shout about their capabilities,” he continued.
The National Theatre has invariably turned to White Light to meet its requests over the years, with Paul Hornsby stating, “We are aware they can always offer us the very latest fixtures available on the market - such as the


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