LumenRadio at the South African Music Awards

Tuesday, 12 June 2012
LumenRadio at the South African Music AwardsThe spectacular 18th South African Music Awards (SAMAs) held at the Sun City Superbowl Arena
South Africa - LumenRadio's CRMX lighting control products were recently used in the spectacular 18th South African Music Awards (SAMAs) held at the Sun City Superbowl Arena in front of a large enthusiastic crowd and broadcast live on national television.

Robert Hoey of Dream Sets got an assignment from the client, Vertical Limit Productions, that most set designers only can dream about and he (despite the name of the company) never got before; design your dream set without limitations.

Hoey came up with a design incorporating inflatables, described as Dr. Seuss meets Sci-Fi style, that reached beyond the stage and over the audience. The production design also included a massive compliment of AV and lighting equipment from brands like Robe, Clay Paky, Avolites, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat, LSC, and Selecon with support from local companies MGG Productions, AV Unlimited and Audio Logic.

The production team and lighting designer Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier overcame daunting signal-distribution and logistical challenges by employing an extensive LumenRadio CRMX wireless DMX/RDM system throughout the sprawling set.

"A very intricate and unusual design like this is where a wireless DMX/RDM distribution system really can provide practical benefits and artistic freedom that cable can not match. We are very happy that LumenRadio could be part of this exceptional event and would like to extend our sincere thanks to everybody involved", says LumenRadio VP of sales, Anders Ardstål. "A live award show and broadcast event of this magnitude with a very busy wireless environment really puts the equipment to the test. We are pleased that CRMX again proved to stand up to the task and contributed to a flawless performance."

(Jim Evans)

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