Martin MAC Viper Profile now shipping

Monday, 2 July 2012
Martin MAC Viper Profile now shippingThe MAC Viper is now on its way to rental houses around the world
Denmark - Following "an overwhelmingly positive response" from both lighting designers and rental companies leading to the biggest pre-sale success ever in Martin's history, the MAC Viper is now on its way to rental houses around the world.

Martin CEO Christian Engsted comments, "We are ecstatic about the unprecedented feedback we have received on the Viper Profile. Never before in our history have we had such a success even before we started shipping. It is a testament to the success of our strategy to stay at the forefront of the industry. When we knew that this would be our last development of a new family of discharge-based moving heads, we decided to make it the best the industry has ever seen.

"This product seriously eclipses products above its class and redefines the standards for moving heads. It contains all of our accumulated knowledge over 25 years and we are confident it will be the new workhorse in the industry. The Viper family also marks a great end to the discharge technology and bridges perfectly to the LED era, most notably with our award-winning LED MAC Aura."

The MAC Viper Profile houses a 1000-watt HID source that is convincingly brighter than 1200-watt fixtures. It kicks out 26,000 lumens of top-quality light - flat and uniform - making it over 30% brighter than veteran 1200-watt products. And with a power consumption that is surprisingly low, the bottom line is an impressive 55% increase in efficiency.

(Jim Evans)

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