Martin's Exterior 200 Long Barrel

Wednesday, 21 January 2004
Martin's Exterior 200 Long BarrelMartin Architectural's Exterior 200 Long Barrel.
Denmark - Martin Architectural has introduced a 'long barrel' version of its popular outdoor CMY colour changer, providing more flexibility as a response to market requests for narrower beam options.

The Exterior 200 Long Barrel's greater length allows for narrower beam options for longer light throw, while maintaining a high intensity beam, say Martin. Two different options are available: 22° field angle (using Fresnel lens) and a 12° field angle (using the PC lens, which replaces the front glass). It is also possible to mount a beam-shaper glass to the underside of the PC lens, which provides an asymmetric beam shape of 14° x 69°. The new options mean that field angle possibilities for the Exterior 200 now range from 12° to 70° flood, with six different steps to choose from.

The Long Barrel's narrow angle options are also useful for illuminating columns and other narrow structures, while the beam-shaper option offers precise light control on rectangular surfaces. Also compatible with the Exterior 200 Long Barrel is a barndoor/snoot kit, useful for reducing glare in long-throw situations.

(Lee Baldock)

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