Martin's Mania EF-1 DJ effect

Tuesday, 21 October 2003
Martin's Mania EF-1 DJ effect
USA - With its new Mania series of inexpensive DJ lights that will eventually include effect lights, colour changers, strobe lights, deco effects, scanners, promotional lights, smoke machines and more, Martin Professional is going head to head with the established manufacturers of DJ lighting both European and in the US.

The first in the series, Mania EF-1, is a dynamic flower effect featuring 6 coloured patterns -useful as revolving dance floor motifs, wall projections or flying mid-air effects. The effect can be either sound triggered, moving to the beat of the music, or automatic, performing its own program independently.

While other lights fall foul to heat exhaustion, the Mania "cool" concept centres on Mania's ability to remain comfortably cool all night long. Simply put, Mania has no duty cycle, meaning you don't need to shut it down and wait for it to cool off before it's ready to go again. Mania comes in a durable yet stylish symmetrical housing complete with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle. Attractive to the eye, trendy graphics complete the cool look of the fixture.

The Mania series capitalizes on several of Martin's strengths. First, Martin Professional's considerable experience and reputation in the high tech, professional lighting market allows it to inject technology derived from the stage into a DJ package. Although Mania is a relatively simple back-to-basics DJ series, the company can provide something new and unexpected from its higher end professional gear such as Mania Liquid and Mania Fire animation effects, to be included on upcoming deco products. Secondly, Martin has the ability to manufacture more cheaply while remaining loyal to the Martin ethos of providing innovation and quality, at an affordable price.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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