Meyer reinforces largest church in Latin America

Friday, 1 August 2008
Meyer reinforces largest church in Latin America
Guatemala - Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala (also known as Mega Frater) is the largest Christian church in Latin America. Measuring 1,217 million square feet, this massive structure includes a school, restaurant, swimming pool, full television and radio production facilities, a heliport atop an eight-story parking garage, a 12,500-seat theatre in the main sanctuary, a stage larger than most major concert venues, and much more.

To find a powerful sound system capable of delivering even coverage for spoken word and live music material in the expansive room, Mega Frater turned to Guatemala City-based Pro Sound. After thorough considerations by a committee which included the church's senior pastor, Jorge Lopez, a self-powered system based on Meyer Sound's Milo line array loudspeaker was chosen.

"For me, the biggest priority for our sound system is intelligibility," says Lopez, "It's not just about the volume or output of the music. People come here to be moved by the word of God. We need the best audio solution which allows our audience to enjoy every facet of our services."

The installed system is comprised of four clusters of nine Milo line array loudspeakers and one Milo 120, along with eight M3D-Sub directional subwoofers flown for low frequency content. Six M1D line array loudspeakers and 12 UPM-1P loudspeakers provide fill at the front and under balcony. Meyer Sound Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 units handles drive and processing.

"Given the size and layout of the main theatre, we knew that four clusters would be the best design to reach all points in the auditorium evenly," explains Melvin Chuy, president of Pro Sound, who handled the sound system design with the company's Pablo Hernandez and Miguel Chuy. "When we played around with MAPP Online Pro (acoustical prediction program), we tested several different cabinets, and found the Milo to be the best option. Its response, power, coverage area, and especially its intelligibility were all astounding."

(Jim Evans)

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