Midas & KT's French Academy

Tuesday, 21 June 2005
Midas & KT's French Academy
France - EVI Audio France recently hosted its first Midas and Klark Teknik academy at the Eurodisney resort near Paris. At the event new product lines were introduced to the 50 participants by service department manager Jean Marandet and managing director, Cécile Dehlinger. The session started with a brief introduction to Klark Teknik's history, presenting all the products that have established the brand throughout the years. Jean Marandet then introduced the Helix Digital EQ System, highlighting the dedicated managing software RCS (Remote Control System).

"The audience was very impressed by the ease of use of the software and its full compatibility with Midas consoles," says Marandet. "The set-up, consisting of a Heritage 1000 and a DN9340 linked together by a laptop using wireless technology (WiFi), was functional in no time and configured live according to requests from the participants. The reliability and the ergonomics of the system met with a great interest and undoubtedly proved that another standard had been set by both brands."

The second part of the day was dedicated to the Midas range of consoles. "Siena, which we introduced to the French market at SIEL in February, was definitely the highlight of the show," comments Dehlinger. The console, introduced by Marandet, impressed the audience with its versatility and its features. Every participant, regardless of market segment (rental, contractor etc), described it as "the problem-solver" which would be capable of fulfilling all their requirements.

The academy was followed by a mailing to all participants inviting them to try out a Helix system on hire. Major rental companies such as On/Off and AudioLive have already tried the system in real-life and adopted it straight away.

"The academy has been a full success for both brands," concludes Marandet. "The compatibility between the products convinced the participants that new directions have been taken to provide reliable and cost effective solutions with the actual needs of the consumers in mind."

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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