Midas mixes Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2012

Thursday, 10 January 2013
Midas mixes Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2012The concert was hosted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Scottish actor Gerard Butler
Norway - The annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert, held in Oslo, saw an extensive network of Midas live audio mixing consoles ensure artists, including Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Hudson, and Seal, sounded spectacular.

Hosted by the American actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Scottish actor Gerard Butler, the concert was recorded live and televised to over 120 countries to reach more than 500m viewers worldwide.

Set across three stages, the centre stage accommodated a full size orchestra conducted by Nick Davies. The three stage design ensures that the live televised show runs seamlessly from beginning to end as artist performances alternate between stages.

Norway's biggest rental house - and long-term Midas partner AVAB-CAC, supplied full production for the show. The company deployed two Midas XL8s front of house: one for the 55 strong, individually mic'd, Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the second to take care of the array of international performers along with the in-house band.

In addition a total of four Midas PRO9s were used as monitor consoles - supplying numerous in-ear mixes for artists and orchestra, as well as to the multiple floor monitors across all three stages.

"The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is a high-profile gig that's televised worldwide, so it's essential that we work with the highest possible quality sound system," said Asle Nilsen, head of pro-audio at AVAB-CAC. "This, combined with the MIDAS networking potential, makes the MIDAS' PRO Series ideal for an event like this. After all we had more than 800 audio sources in the network."

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most influential awards in the world. The ceremony takes place on 10 December, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, and is followed by the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Featuring an international selection of musical artists and celebrity hosts, the concert honours the Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for 2012 was named as the European Union.

(Jim Evans)

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