Mojo Barriers join NFL Tailgate Party

Tuesday, 3 November 2009
Mojo Barriers join NFL Tailgate PartyMojo Barriers used 1100m of perimeter fencing to mark out the event site.
UK - American football fever took over Wembley Stadium when the NFL came to town, bringing with it the NFL Tailgate Party. Visitors enjoyed an all American experience before the big game with Mojo Barriers installing the crowd control solutions across the site.

As a warm up for the only NFL game of the series to visit the UK, the New England Patriots versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, the Tailgate Party celebrated all things NFL. For the third year running, the free of charge, outdoor event attracted 23,000 people to the Palace of Industry, outside Wembley Stadium.

For the third year running, Mojo Barriers worked closely with Tailgate International Series' site manager Dave Walton to devise and install the crowd control and barrier system for the event. The site has developed with each event, this year introducing new elements such as the Hall of Fame and a 3D cinema to run alongside the live performances on stage.

Dave Walton reports, "The site this year has changed format due to the increase in the number of visitors and the increasing popularity of the NFL in the UK. The infrastructure incorporated twice as many structures this year with the new areas within the same site space."

Mojo Barriers brought in 1100m of perimeter fencing marking out the event site, with 800m of crowd control barrier across the site. As part of the system, Line Up Gates were used to control the ingress and egress of the crowds.

"Seeing the effectiveness of the Line Up Gates on last year's event, we used them on the exit as well as the entrance to count the number of exiting people and calculate visitors on site," adds Walton.

(Jim Evans)

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