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Tuesday, 5 July 2005

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New Zealand - Historically, theatre lighting designers have been unable to produce crisp shutter cuts or pattern projection in very long-throw situations. The problem being, the only luminaires available to date either utilize plastic lenses which cannot maintain the desired light output and beam quality or they have beam angles which are just too wide. This issue has been addressed by Selecon, the company claims, by a new lighting tool. The Pacific 5° High Efficiency Fixed Beam has been designed as a no-compromise long-throw lens tube for the Selecon Pacific range.

Featuring a dual glass lens design using a 300mm front lens, this luminaire delivers more light than the Pacific 5.5°-13° Very Narrow Zoomspot (200mm front lens) with an unmatched beam quality. Shutter cuts are knife-edged (or with a well controlled soft cut - adjustable using the rear lens); high contrast pattern projections.

Also from Selecon is the new Pacific Dowser drop-in accessory, which dims discharge lamps (575W MSR, 250ST, CDM) delivering a similar response to that of a tungsten lamp. The fixture offers a very low operating noise due to absence of cooling fans, as well as a smooth dimming action. Touch panel DMX address includes programmable stand-alone function, display brightness selection, and line termination switch. The slowest fade time is defined by the control console, while the fastest fade to black-out time is given as 0.35 sec. The slide-out modular design of the unit makes cleaning and maintenance simple, say Selecon.

(Lee Baldock)

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