Nexo reinforces Chile Independence celebrations

Friday, 22 October 2010
Nexo reinforces Chile Independence celebrations#NAME?
Chile - Bicentennial celebrations are sweeping Latin America this year, and Nexo systems are at the heart of a number of big events. Chile marked the commemoration of its independence with many prestigious live events; one of the most impressive was a sound and light show staged outside the presidential palace in Santiago.

Pure Energy, Pure Chile was the opening act for the bicentary celebrations, a fireworks spectacular conceived by the creative Les Petit Francais which used the Palacio de la Moneda as its backdrop. Sponsored by CGE, the estimated cost of the production was US $2m, and over six days, it was watched by more than 270,000 people.

REAL Audio, the sound rental company from Santiago, was chosen to supply all the sound reinforcement design and installation. They specified all-Nexo, using Geo D for the main stereo system, Geo S8 for the out-fills, and Geo S12 for the stereo delays. All loudspeakers were running on an EtherSound network, powered, processed and controlled by NXAMPs.

Claudio Valencia, owner of REAL AUDIO, reports that "the sonic performance was amazing. The stereo image, even at nearly 150m from the FOH arrays, was compelling for the audience. We spent a lot of time determining the positions and angles of the main hangs and the delay towers in order to ensure the same SPL in all the audience areas. And we got it - My thanks also go to the Nexo team, led by Roberto Tschopp, who came to support us in this unprecedented event."

(Jim Evans)

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