Nexo reinforces Moctezuma exhibition

Wednesday, 11 November 2009
Nexo reinforces Moctezuma exhibitionA Nexo Geo system reinforces The British Museum's latest exhibition
UK - A grand reception and private viewing of The British Museum's latest exhibition Moctezuma - Aztec Ruler was reinforced by a Nexo Geo S/PS10 speech system.

A crowd of 900 was gathered in the atrium space of the Great Court of The British Museum in central London, which event services supplier David Wise describes as "one of the most demanding environments we work in." His company Wise Productions is a preferred supplier to The British Museum, and, on this occasion, brought in a combination of Geo S1230 and PS10 cabinets to handle the speech-making.

Installation time was just 35 minutes to set up two Geo S1230 on tripods as main PA, and to arrange 12 PS10s around the stage as side, front and rear-fill. NXAMP 4x1s were used to power the system, NX242s to process it, and a Yamaha LS9-16 to mix it.

"The venue has told us that this was the best speech sound ever heard in this reception space," says David Wise. "The Geo S1230 is the right size for us, it offers a lot of output, and it can be set up very quickly to meet all health and safety standards. These cabinets are very true to their directionality, highly controllable and highly focusable."

Wise Productions is taking a near-identical system to the Natural History Museum, another challenging acoustic space in one of London's great buildings.

(Jim Evans)

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