Optocore collaborates with Solid State Logic

Tuesday, 20 April 2010
Optocore collaborates with Solid State LogicCaption: Bill Coons of Optocore and SSL's Antony David
Germany / UK - Optocore has announced a technical cooperation with digital broadcast console manufacturers, Solid State Logic.

The news follows hot on the heels of a similar announcement by Optocore that they had entered co-operation with German console manufacturer Lawo, enabling their consoles to communicate with an Optocore I/O unit. In a joint project, a 'Lawo Emulation Mode' has been developed as part of a first joint project at the Mozarteum University, in Salzburg, Austria, enabling the Lawo mc²66 console to receive audio signals and control from the existing Optocore preamps.

In the future SSL's C10 HD and C100 HDS consoles will also be able to connect directly to the Optocore Optical Digital Network System via MADI optical fibre.

Says Niall Feldman, director of new products at SSL, "Optocore produces a high quality system that has enjoyed considerable success in the stadium and theatre installation sectors. Therefore this integration extends the range of facilities for which the benchmark audio quality and rich feature set of SSL digital consoles will be a plug and go option."

With the SSL MADI I/O control protocol now integrated into Optocore's topology, Solid State Logic C10 HD and C100 HDS consoles can now transmit/receive up to 128 audio I/O channels over an Optocore Optical Digital Network System.

In addition, users will have the ability to remotely control the microphone preamplifiers in the 48-input Optocore LX4AP stage box as well as all the parameters of the X6 and X6R 16-channel converters.

Under the new implementation SSL C10 HD and C100 HDS consoles will automatically identify, label and control any connected Optocore LX4AP stage boxes. Combining SSL's MORSE stage boxes with Optocore LX4AP stage boxes allows users to connect multiple consoles and stage boxes with full redundancy.

The ability to remotely control stage box gains over the Optocore fibre network is a major advantage for users, giving that extra degree of flexibility and control over the relevant parts of an installed system, particularly in theatres and stadiums.

Said Optocore founder, Marc Brunke, "We have been working closely with digital console manufacturers to achieve network compatibility and enhance audio performance since creating an Emulation Mode for Yamaha, which allowed control of our preamps from their digital consoles, back in 2005."

(Jim Evans)

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