Orbital & National Theatre set training dates

Thursday, 24 January 2008
Orbital & National Theatre set training dates
UK - Theatre sound specialist Orbital and The National Theatre's sound department will again combine forces to deliver their eighth course for stage management and technical theatre students keen to pursue sound as a career.

This year's five day course, to be held from 7-11 April, will follow its successful formula, filling five working days with in-depth theory lectures and practical hands-on sessions.

Both Orbital and The National are concerned that there is a skills shortfall - that young people entering the industry have little experience of the latest technology and techniques. The course is designed to enhance the 'skills sets' of students in line with the growing expectations of directors, producers and audiences.

The course offers an opportunity for students expressing an interest in theatre sound to gain an extra level of technical skill and artistic understanding. Open to all students in any year of study on a Stage Management or Technical Theatre course at any UK drama school, this course will set them up for a future career in theatre sound, say the organisers.

The course will again be co-designed by Simon Whitehorn (who spearheads Orbital's training programs) and The National Theatre's Borneo Brown and will be hosted by staff from both organisations who will present the seminars and work-shops along with specialist lecturers from the audio industry.

A particular emphasis will be on production engineering skills and specialist programming skills needed for using playback and show control software, samplers, ProTools recording and editing, and digital mixing desks. Plus more general topics will be covered including, basic acoustics, sound reinforcement and sound design for both plays and musicals.

Orbital's MD Chris Headlam commented, "We believe that training and knowledge are the keys to success. It is extremely valuable to offer students the opportunity to gain an extra level of technical skill and artistic understanding. Now in its eighth year, we feel that this course become very established and provides a valuable role in expanding students' skills-sets to enable the level of competence necessary in contemporary theatre."

(Jim Evans)

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