Paraguay mega church installs Nexo Geo

Wednesday, 19 January 2011
Paraguay mega church installs Nexo GeoCentro Familiar de Adoración in Asunción is one of the largest churches in Latin America
Paraguay - After two and a half years of planning and trials, a Nexo Geo T line array has been commissioned in one of the largest churches in Latin America. Geo T's arrival in the 14,000-capacity Centro Familiar de Adoración in Asunción is the final chapter in a story that began with Oasis.

Alberto Martinez is the manager of the sound team at the Centro Familiar de Adoración. Some years ago he was in the USA, where he heard a Nexo Geo T system running at full throttle on a concert by Oasis, and apparently was so impressed that he accepted an invitation to a demo in Argentina. Meeting with Nexo's LatAm team there convinced him that these loudspeakers were the right choice for the Asunción church project.

Working closely with Nexo's specialist installation engineers, the church's sound team explored all the design configurations thoroughly, not just through software prediction but often by rigging and de-rigging clusters experimentally in different locations.

The large building accommodates most of its congregation on the main floor, but also has two balconies, the largest of which is 70m from the stage. The L/R main PA system uses 12-module hangs of Geo T cabinets, flown with six Geo Dubs each side, which covers the whole congregation.

On stage, eight PS10 and two PS15 loudspeakers meet all the monitoring needs, providing 10 mixes in all, powered by five NXAMPs. Both FOH and monitor consoles are ILive desks from Allen & Heath.

The system is run on an EtherSound network, using both Cat 5 and optical fibre routing, and it can be controlled at six independent points in the venue.

(Jim Evans)

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