Peavey and Budda forge alliance

Wednesday, 1 April 2009
Peavey and Budda forge alliance
USA - Peavey and Budda Amplification have established a strategic alliance that "will optimise production techniques and expand the distribution of Budda musical products in the global marketplace".

San Francisco-based Budda Amplification will continue to serve its customers and design USA-built guitar amplification and effects products. Peavey Electronics, which brings 44 years of manufacturing experience to the arrangement, will commence manufacturing of the Budda Amplification line for the global marketplace in the Peavey Custom Shop, located at its international headquarters in Meridian, Mississippi.

"Peavey has perfected high-quality manufacturing in the US," said Ken Johnson, CEO of Budda Amplification. "We approached Peavey because it makes sense to partner with a company whose strengths are complementary. With Peavey, we will be able to meet the demand from our domestic dealers as well as create a platform to distribute Budda products internationally. This will benefit our dealers and guitar players by allowing us to focus on our core strengths-product design and customer service-while ensuring the highest standards of build quality."

Commented Hartley Peavey, president and CEO of Peavey Electronics, "As a 'tinkerer' myself, I know that the future of the Budda brand lies in the engineering of new products and the continual refinement of the guitar player's experience. I respect what the Budda guys have done to create a tonally unique product, and we at Peavey are committed to maintaining that legacy through our vast manufacturing and distribution resources."

(Jim Evans)

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