Pendragon Dezign at PSL Awards

Monday, 16 July 2012
Pendragon Dezign at PSL AwardsThe PSL Awards - a live broadcastfrom the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City
South Africa - Once again Wayne Sproule from Pendragon Dezign was in charge of the technical facets of the PSL Awards, a live broadcast, hosted at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on 27 May 2012. The event incorporated over 50 Robe fixtures.

"I still get excited about working on events," commented Sproule. "If I didn't, it would be time to pack up. It is estimated that viewership for this live production was 14m million, and apparently it was the number one tweeted subject between 8pm to 10pm that evening."

A rare occurrence was that for once there was more than enough time for the set up, but what really made it a success were the people involved. "I just love working with this team," said Sproule. "There is no drama, everyone gets on with it. I call them 'The Wrinkle Rockers Road Show,' and while there is fun and laughter, nothing is a problem, everything gets sorted, everyone knows what to do. They are such a professional group."

The team consisted of: Debra Batzofin (floor manager), Nic Michaletos (lighting designer), Vanessa Nicolau (stage manager), Ivor Jones (stage director) and Warren Bowles and Peter Mancer (executive producer).

The PSL Award is a very specific genre. "The awards are to honour the awardees, the look should be clean" said Michaletos. "It's about the people. It's about sport. Sport relies on a lifestyle where you have to be fit, on time and win. It's a very disciplined environment." Nick reiterated this with the lighting.

The lighting included 20 Robe ColorSpot 700s, 20 x Robe ColorWash 700s, 12 x Robin 600s. "The lighting was very simple and functional providing a versatile colour pallet to work with as well," he added. "The Robe products were a pleasure, particularly the Robins with their excellent colour temperature control."

(Jim Evans)

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