Philips launches compact club system

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Philips launches compact club systemThe MSD Platinum 2R lamp system
USA - At this year's LDI, Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands will unveil its MSD Platinum 2R lamp system, billed as the most compact, intense and efficient reflector lamp system available yet, providing new possibilities for fixture designs in the DJ/Club segment.

To energize the crowd, the club scene requires powerful light from compact moving-heads that rotate fast and create an uplifting ambiance. With a miniature arc size of only 0.9, the new Philips MSD Platinum 2R lamp system is by far the most compact reflector lamp system available yet. Moreover, the lamp features a high precision reflector and innovative burner filling, resulting in a bright and efficient light beam. The light output of a 132W MSD Platinum 2R lamp is comparable with a MSD lamp of 300W, allowing to realize more than 50% energy savings.

Moreover, says the company,these benefits can be enjoyed over the 6,000 hours lifetime of the lamp system, which is twice as long as of other MSD lamps. As a result, the extremely compact, intense and efficient Philips MSD Platinum 2R opens up new possibilities for entertainment OEMs in the dj/club segment. American DJ is the first OEM to launch 2R in its Vizi Roller Beam 2R and Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R fixtures.

Another highlight of the show is the lifetime extension of the Philips MSR Platinum 35 from 750 to 1000hrs. In a time where budgets are tight, it is clear that the entertainment market calls for solutions that provide the right impact for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. The optimized Philips MSR Platinum 35 has proven to provide its powerful light beam for 1000 hours, which is 30% longer than comparable solutions on the market. This combined with its extremely short arc sets a new lamp standard for concert/stage lighting.

Finally, Philips Special Lighting also launchesthe new Philips MSR Gold 700/1 MiniFastFit. This short arc lamp offers the combination of pure white light (5600K) with high brightness and excellent color quality precisely matching the black body line. This makes the lamp suitable for theatres and studios.

Clay Paky is the first OEM to integrate the new MSR Gold 700/1 MiniFastFit lamp in its Alpha Profile 700ST fixture.

(Jim Evans)

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