Philips Selecon helps The Atterbury excell

Thursday, 25 August 2011
Philips Selecon helps The Atterbury excellThe Atterbury is a worldclass 420-seat ‘West-End' styled theatre
South Africa - Philips Selecon is helping a classic theatre in South Africa attract and keep its 'sell out' audiences.

With the explosion of festivals in South Africa, there is an increasing need for smaller theatres, outside of the festival scene, to provide performance space for newly created productions and to promote up and coming artists. The Atterbury is exactly that - a worldclass 420-seat 'West-End'styled theatre.

What distinguishes this theatre from other similar sized venues in the region is the sophistication of the entertainment technology it uses. A professional team, including Philips Entertainment distributor for South Africa DWR, has come together to design and specify the technical needs of the venue and Philips Selecon luminaires feature high on the lighting role call.

Selecon's South Africa reseller DWR Distribution worked alongside Pieter-Jan Kapp to design and supply the theatre lighting equipment. Kapp, who is well known for his passion for lighting and the arts and boasts a wealth of experience, was appointed theatre consultant for the new Atterbury Theatre.

Kappie worked alongside DWR Distribution to specify the best lighting solution for the project. He spent time at DWR's HQ to look at the various control consoles, light fixtures and equipment that would be fit for purpose and work within the budgetary constraints.

After careful consideration, a combination of Selecon SPX Axial 14 degree fixed profile spot lights, Selecon SPX Axial 19 degree fixed profile spot lights, Selecon SPX Axial 26 degree fixed profile spots, Selecon Rama Fresnels and Selecon Lui Cyc 3 Battens were installed.

"Opening night was a huge success. The response to the theatre, which looks warm, yet stately and elegant, has been very positive," comments Dan Riley from DWR Distribution who headed the project. "SPX is basically the latest in profile development."

(Jim Evans)

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