Philips Vari-Lite in pole position at F1 Rocks

Thursday, 5 November 2009
Philips Vari-Lite in pole position at F1 RocksThe 3-day show was one of the first to feature the new VLX Wash luminaire from Philips Vari-Lite.
Singapore - On 24 September 2009, F1 Rocks Singapore kicked off a three-day musical festival surrounding Formula One's only night race on the F1 circuit. During the event at Fort Canning Park, 11 international music stars performed outdoors in front of approximately 30,000 concert-goers. Lighting designer Ross Williams and lighting equipment provider, The Show Company, relied heavily upon the new Vari*Lite VLX Wash luminaires.

"The F1 Rocks concert is quite different from my past projects as there were 11 different acts using the same stage for three nights," said Williams. "This is a challenge and the lighting design and solutions have to be flexible enough to cater to the different needs of the performers."

"Being a front runner in the rental and staging business we are always in the lookout for solutions that will wow us," added Jospeh Gan, a director with The Show Company. "We first saw the prototype of the VLX at Frankfurt earlier this year and the Vari-Lite development team has delivered a product that, in my opinion, is presently the best automated solid-state lighting fixture on the market."

The massive five-story stage at F1 Rocks was one of the most elaborate set-ups the Fort Canning venue had ever seen. A total of 18 VLX Wash luminaires were positioned at the front of the stage to complement the LED backdrop and sidewalls. In addition, eight VL1000 ERS, 30 VL3000 Wash and 52 VL3000 Spot luminaires were also used to create and complement the effects on stage, adding to the excitement and wowing the crowd.

Williams continued: "The idea behind the design was to create an exciting lighting rig which would encompass all the requirements of the visiting artists and design teams, whilst maintaining sufficient flexibility to create individual looks and feels for each genre. This was a great challenge given the lineup featured over the three nights, and their respective demands."

Total Solution Marketing provided the VLX Wash luminaires to the Show Company for F1 Rocks and was on site as well to witness the debut of the much-anticipated luminaire. Glenn Wong, managing director of Total Solution Marketing, said: "I first saw the VLX in April at Frankfurt and was immediately impressed with its performance capabilities. I was very excited and strongly believed the VLX has great potential to be widely accepted in our markets. It was with immense satisfaction to witness the live debut of the VLX Wash in such an exacting production on our home soil."

After working with the VLX Wash luminaire for the first time, ZZ Top lighting designer Chris Stuba said: "I first saw the VLX product demonstration in Dallas with George Masek, and I was totally blown away with the possibilities of the light. Who knew that I would be using them so soon in Singapore. Their downstage location was pretty high, maybe 45ft, but the lights read well and the colour was great."

(Jim Evans)

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