Pixled LED video products at LDI

Monday, 14 December 2009
Pixled LED video products at LDIThe Pixled Power Pix
USA - Pixled found the recent LDI show an ideal venue to introduce the product range to even more clients.

The LDI judging committee was impressed with Pixled's product line and awarded them Honorable Mention in the LDI2009: Debuting Product Award, Projection category for its PowerPix product. The DMX-compatible PowerPix are strings of high-power RGBW LED pixels. Its power scaling technology ensures that the RGBW pixel modules have a continuous light output of 5W. When configured as a single or dual colour pixel, the modules' light output even equals that of a 10W pixel.

"We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the LDI2009 show," says Norah de Bekker, sales and marketing for Pixled. "We had a lot of very interesting conversations as well as got to meet with a lot of potential clients and discuss how Pixled products could solve some of their creative challenges."

Koen Bossuyt, worldwide sales and business development for Pixled adds, "Lightweight and with varying rates of transparency, the Pixled product range certainly provides answers to increasingly important purchasing considerations in the LED market today. Market acceptance of the product has been immediate, with Pixled already being used on numerous projects. Pixled offers a rugged range of products that are ideal for many different types of applications."

Pixled's product line includes a range of lightweight, indoor/outdoor LED video options from 7mm to 40mm with varying percentages of transparency suitable for both rental and permanent installations. By combining ultra-lightweight design, in fact it is one-fifth the weight of comparable LED products, with remarkable price/performance, Pixled removes a number of technical and economic design constraints that have previously restricted the use of LED in many projects.

Another new product on display at LDI included the F-30 Floor Module, which converts the standard Pixled 30mm F-30 modules into a rugged and versatile floor. The design allows the user to build a LED floor very quickly without compromising on serviceability or screen uniformity.

Demand for the Pixled product is rapidly growing as LED video displays are now not only seen at concerts, tradeshows, tournaments and large festivals, but also in retail stores, office lobbies, casino's and nightclubs, says the company.

Exhibit designers have been incorporating Pixled in their designs including Mercedes Benz at the Frankfurt Auto Show; Lexus, Infiniti and Nissan at the Los Angeles Auto Show; GM Daewoo at the Seoul Motor Show; Eisai; Accu-Check; and Addikt Hairdressing Products. Permanent installations include the Mercedes Benz flagship store in Berlin; UNIQLO Soho New York global flagship store and UNIQLO Paris; Cartier in New York; and the offices of the Wall Street Journal in New York.

(Jim Evans)

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