PLASA 2011: City Theatrical launches SHoW double

Monday, 19 September 2011
PLASA 2011: City Theatrical launches SHoW doubleSHoW DMX Neo and SHoW DMX SHoW Baby on debut at Earls Court
UK - City Theatrical had record breaking attendance at its stand at PLASA 2012 caused by the great buzz on the show floor about SHoW DMX Neo and SHoW DMX SHoW Baby. These two products are the latest innovations in City Theatrical's 10 years of wireless DMX development and manufacturing.

SHoW DMX Neo features the high data fidelity that the multi-award winning SHoW DMX is noted for, as well as fast 7mS latency, ensuring that wired and wireless DMX sources will appear exactly alike on a production. The extensive on board user interface that professionals prefer allows optimized control over output power, full or limited bandwidth broadcast, and the ability to broadcast less than the full DMX packet to shrink the radio "footprint".

For the users who do not want to manually optimize their broadcast, SHoW DMX Neo also has Neo Adaptive Mode that will select only open radio channels to broadcast on, with no user intervention needed. SHoW DMX Neo will "heal" lost data packets, and has a SHoW DMX Neo Classic Mode to allow communication with all existing SHoW DMX equipment.

SHoW DMX SHoW Baby takes the same wireless DMX radio and puts it into a small, inexpensive, simple to operate package. Each box is a transceiver, and by plugging a DMX cable IN, it selects itself to be a transmitter. If nothing is plugged into the DMX IN port, it selects itself to be a receiver. That is the only user selectable option; everything else about the SHoW DMX SHoW Baby is completely plug and play. The SHoW DMX SHoW Baby's size, distinctive design, ease of use, and affordability make it the world's first consumer grade wireless DMX, says the company.

City Theatrical also launched a number of other products at PLASA. Rejoining the product line by customer demand is the PDS-375 TR power/data supply for Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting fixtures, at a new lower price. The PDS-375 TR is simple to operate, built ruggedly for touring, and is a great alternative to the more sophisticated City Theatrical power/data supplies such as the PDS-375 TRX and PDS-750 TRX when less features (no Ethernet, no built-in wireless DMX receiver, no multi-button user interface) are needed.

Also shown for the first time at PLASA were a complete line of new accessories for the Selador Desire D-60 LED fixtures from ETC. The new accessories include a full top hat, short full top hat, half top hat, egg crate louver, and barn door. Standard Source Four PAR accessories are available from City Theatrical for the Selador Desire D-40 fixtures.

Pathway Connectivity's Dave Higgins and Robert Armstrong were also on the stand with City Theatrical at PLASA, as Pathway's range of DMX and Ethernet distribution products are now distributed exclusively through City Theatrical dealers across Europe.

(Jim Evans)

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