PLASA 2012: A rewarding experience for LED Engin

Wednesday, 12 September 2012
PLASA 2012: A rewarding experience for LED Engin
UK - LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, has demonstrated emitters and LED modules that enable the size of entertainment lighting products to be reduced significantly, on stand 2-S11 at the PLASA 2012 exhibition.

The company's LuxiGen platform of white and multi-colour compact emitters generate the high luminous flux density demanded in entertainment lighting, particularly for spot beams, distance lighting effects and in dynamic lighting scenarios. Patented thermal management technology allows the LED die to be driven to higher current levels and in a denser configuration than industry standards, without adversely affecting operating life. LED emitters are up to 80% more efficient than traditional tungsten lighting and this combination of features in LED Engin products enables lighting fixture designers to at least halve the size of their products, and in some cases reduce the size by an order of magnitude.

The other benefits provided by LED Engin's emitters are very high lux-on-target, precise beam control and effective 'in-source' colour mixing within the primary lenses of the emitters. Beams can be tightly focused (down to 8°) using Total Internal Reflection (TIR) secondary lenses that also minimise unwanted glare, and individual dies within each emitter can be driven with different current levels to provide accurate, flexible colour control. The compact emitters also enable zoom lenses to be used and these have been demonstrated for the first time at the show. Further advantages of LED lighting are consistency of performance over the operating life of the fixtures and very high reliability. LED emitters radiate much less heat than tungsten lamps in the beam and the typical operating life is over 50,000 hours.

Gerrit Willem Prins, LED Engin's European manager, told LSI: "PLASA 2012 has been a hugely rewarding experience. All the key manufacturers are here in one place to network and to do business. Entertainment lighting products that employ LED Engin emitters are on display on the LED Engin stand and throughout the show. These include tunable colour spots from Anolis, full colour wall washes from SGM and GDS Liteware and stage lighting from Showtec."

(Claire Beeson)

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