PLASA 2012: All-round F-10i/o from Pixled

Thursday, 26 July 2012
PLASA 2012: All-round F-10i/o from PixledThe F10i/o
UK - Due to be highlighted at PLASA 2012 (9-12 September, Earls Court, London), the F-10i/o from Pixled is a truly 'all-round' 10.4 mm pitch screen surface populated with 3 in 1 SMD chips that can be used indoors, outdoors or be rigged horizontally - and covered - to become a dynamic dance-floor and under-floor or stage effect.

The standard F-10 i/o tile is fully indoor use ready. It is a mesh surface and therefore transparent, ideal for creative indoor work including scenic elements - and also for IMAG displays. The tile dimensions are 50 x 50 cm each of which is lightweight at only 7 Kg. (28 Kg/sqm)

For outdoor use, Pixled offers optional "clickable in/outdoor shaders" which are quickly fitted onto the mesh tiles and include blank panels to 'close' the modules and increase the contrast. The tiles are IP65 rated and have a brightness of 5000 Nits.

F-10 i/o can also be shipped as individual tiles (for indoor use only) or with custom designed 2 x 2 touring frames (outdoor) and flight cases, all ready for rapid deployment, complete with certified TUV mechanics.

In dance-floor mode - with optional floor mechanics (4 pcs per square meter) - the F-10 i/o tiles are also simple to install. "Once the mechanics are attached, the tiles simply flip into their individual mechanics, the fronts are covered with white or black hard plastic protection surfaces and the party can start," says the company.

(Claire Beeson)

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