PLASA 2012: Altman brings Spectra Cyc 200 to London

Tuesday, 24 July 2012
PLASA 2012: Altman brings Spectra Cyc 200 to LondonAltman's Spectra Cyc 200
UK - Altman Lighting will introduce the Spectra Cyc 200 to its family of LED Wash

Luminaires at PLASA 2012. The new fixture uses two arrays of Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs for maximum brightness and colour rendering, along with its patented LED blending lens and asymmetrical reflector.

"This unique combination gives you fantastic light output and colour with the smoothest,

most even field available on the market," says the company. "Using this combination of technologies we are able to space our fixtures at an industry leading 2.5m - 3m apart, at 1.2m off the cyc or wall."

Standard features on the fixtures include DMX in and pass through, with RDM compatibility, and

Power in and pass through using powerCON connections enabling up to 10 fixtures to be 'daisy chained' together. Usable height of the output light for a single row of luminaires has also been measured at a conservative 10 meters vertical.

"Whether you are replacing old units or adding to your current inventory, the Spectra Cyc 200

from Altman Lighting is the most advanced, cost effective wall wash and cyclorama fixture on

the market today," the company adds.

(Claire Beeson)

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