PLASA 2012: Auto-Cue Pro for musicians & more

Monday, 20 August 2012

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UK - Auto-Cue Pro and Auto-Cue Lite software packages are for any performer that performs on stage, but was primarily designed with musicians in mind.

It is essentially an autocue system or a stage prompt system. The software runs on any Windows platform.

From the gigging musicians point of view, Auto-Cue Pro has "every conceivable feature built in".

Auto-Cue Pro displays your music ( chords, guitar tabs, manuscript notation etc ) and the lyrics. The displayed content is easily synchronized to any backing track. There are various way your music and lyrics can be presented on screen.

The software can simply be run on your laptop or tablet, you can of course plug in a larger computer monitor.

Auto-Cue also builds Stage display units to order, from the audience point of view they look just like a fold back speaker, but in reality the enclosure contains the computer and a monitor screen (any number of screens can be slaved off the master screen ), so the musician will never get caught out by forgetting the music or lyrics again.

Apart from musicians, Auto-Cue is used by many stage acts, comedians, presenters, and speech makers etc, anyone that needs a visual prompt

With the Auto-Cue system, all the functions you require can be controlled by a three button footswitch, a three button wireless remote, a touch screen or of course the mouse and keyboard.

What really sets Auto-Cue apart from other software is that it uses simple text files for the displayed content and standard audio files for backing tracks, this means you can enter into the system as many songs or prompts as you like without it costing a penny.

Features such as backing track synchronization, multiple playlists, multiple scrolling methods, background music, chord transpose are all included.

(Jim Evans)

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