PLASA 2012: CAST unveils four new products

Sunday, 9 September 2012
PLASA 2012: CAST unveils four new productsBlackTrax V1 is an Ethernet-based solution that tracks objects or people in a defined 3D space
UK - CAST is pulling out all the stops for PLASA 2012 with the debut of not one, but four new products, plus an educational seminar. PLASA will be held at Earls Court in London, 9-12 September and CAST will be exhibiting in Stand 1-E27.

The latest wysiwyg release, R29, has so many new features and improvements, your job instantly becomes more proficient, more professional and more profitable, says the company. New features in R29 include the ability to touch select fixtures and manipulate in Shaded View, create camera flies in 6D, a new six degrees of freedom camera system, drawing purge, truss end indicators, multi-rotate, enhancements to the Layer Database Window, gyroscope, world grid and more.

BlackTrax V1 is an Ethernet-based, powerful, fast, and accurate solution that tracks objects or people in a defined 3D 'space' and "delivers the dynamic positional data in realtime in up to 6 Degrees of Freedom - the usual x, y, z, plus roll, pitch & yaw - to audio, lighting, motion control, and media technologies, using A BlackTrax beacon which emits a virtually invisible infra red light via the LED that is seen by BT's proprietary, custom designed camera system which delivers the positional data to the BTServer".

Vivien 2012 is a comprehensive sales, catering, planning and designing graphic application software that produces 2D or 3D previsualization and photorealistic renders for the full spectrum of event professionals.

Vivien Online is an intuitive, 3D event design and sales software designed and built for the full spectrum of event professionals who work in the special events and meetings industry. It empowers users to conceive, design, sell, manage, and produce stunning events, all online.

Finally, don't miss the CAST seminar, held on Sunday, 9 September from 11.00am - 12.00pm, hosted by Jim Hutchison who will be discussing Digital Perspectives, wysiwyg R29, and the Production Environment. He will cover the How, What, When, Where, and Why in Lighting Design and Previsualization and asks the question, Where ARE we GOING?!. He will also give an early sneak peek into wysiwyg R29.

(Jim Evans)

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