PLASA 2012: Compulite Systems releases new Vector PC Wing

Tuesday, 24 July 2012
PLASA 2012: Compulite Systems releases new Vector PC WingCompulite's Playback 20 Wing
UK - Compulite Systems (2000) LTD recently added a new member to their Vector family, the Vector PC Wing, which will be highlighted at PLASA 2012.

The powerful portable unit brings flexibility by combining sophisticated features of the Vector platform with unmatched simplicity and size, says the company. Weighing in at 3.5kg, the Vector PC Wing, when used with the Vector software, will deliver "cutting edge performance, advanced functionality and enhanced programming, making it the perfect portable unit for corporate events, cruise ships, trade shows, clubs, theatre and more".

The Vector PC Wing features up to 200 active playbacks, a dedicated intensity push wheel, 5 dedicated parameter push wheels, illuminated trackball, Grand Master with illuminated blackout key, 10 Playback faders, full tracking backup, MIDI and MSC support, 2 or 4 DMX-512 inputs/outputs configurable by using C-Net Manager software, 1 Ethernet port for VCs, sACN and ArtNet.

"In our innovative world, the Vector PC Wing is the ultimate portable lighting console which can be carried with you whenever you need to design or access to a lighting console", said Compulite Systems CEO, Yehuda Shukrun. "The new Vector PC Wing is our appreciation to our loyal users and customers who keep challenging us with their daily work requirements", said Shukrun.

Another new development from Compulite, the Vector Playback 20 Wing is able to connect to any Vector console or Vector PC via Ethernet. The Wing is an extension giving direct access to 40 playbacks - 20 with faders and 20 'Q-keys'. The independent paging mechanism allows access to any of Vector's 200 virtual playbacks. Faders can be used as sub-masters, rate masters or for setting channel intensity manually. The Playback 20 Wing can be set to work as a completely separate unit, without interfering with the main console operation.

Plasa 2012 will also see the release of the Vector software version 3.20R02. The release includes a number of new and improved features including: Multi-Language support; Ability to edit Fixture Names; Monitoring of DMX data being transmitted; Link enhancements; Increased DMX ports; A new Flash to Black feature; Plus many more new and enhanced features.

(Claire Beeson)

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