PLASA 2012: coolux Pandoras Box Version 5.1 software released

Friday, 27 July 2012
PLASA 2012: coolux Pandoras Box Version 5.1 software released
UK - coolux Pandoras Box 5.1 software release is now available and will be highlighted by its UK distributor TMB at the PLASA Show (9-12 September, Earls Court).

Building on the success of Pandoras Box Version 5.0 launched at PLASA last fall, over 50 distinct improvements and upgrades have been added, including Media Encryption, 3D Warping, and a new Matrix Patcher.

"The new user-friendly Version 5.1 software package makes Pandoras Box a yet more powerful creative tool, uniting state-of-the-art rendering technology with intuitive live media and show control," says the company.

Features and improvements include:

New Matrix Patcher: Relocate individual pixels for creative setups when working with conventional LED processors, e.g. Barco, Daktronics, Galaxia/Winvision etc. A time-saver for repositioning pixels, even with unconventional LED fixture shapes.

Timeline Key Presets: Store and recall any amount of timeline keys as presets and update their data in all instances. Significantly reduces programming time for complex shows.

Lights & Shadows: The Aeon FX Engine now supports multiple lights as well as real-time shadow projection onto 3D object layers.

Media Encryption: Uses state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption algorithms to protect exclusive content from being copied or misused. Choose between code-based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface or dongle-based encryption allowing playback of content on select Pandoras Box machines.

Dynamic and 3D Warping: Animate and control the Warper via the timeline. Ideal for moving-head projectors and tracking moving sets where warping must seamlessly warp to various surfaces. 3ds Max files can now be directly imported for warping to models. Mesh points are controllable along the Z axis as well. Global planar textures can now be applied to multiple meshes (3D Warping applies to servers only).

StreamiX: Easily stream content between computers with this flexible desktop streaming and capturing tool. Ideal for streaming static content where speed and performance varies with project setups and network configurations.

ASIO Audio Tracks: All Pandoras Box 5.1 playback products will support ASIO audio tracks on video layers.

Curve Editor: Comfortable, user-friendly value references, ehnanced mouse modes, and improved zoom function.

Erica Frost explains, "The new 5.1 software upgrade is yet another example of coolux listening to customers. "We're constantly speaking to Pandoras Box users and the amount of ideas out there is staggering. It's great that such creative input has now been unleashed in this new version of a product that is innovative, user-friendly, and continually improving." Erica adds, "By the way, we cover 5.1 software and the many Pandoras Box features and capabilities at our regularly scheduled TMB coolux college seminars, tailored for lighting and scenic designers, programmers and videographers."

See TMB and coolux this year at PLASA on stands 1-B12 and 1-C17.

(Claire Beeson)

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