PLASA 2012: ELC to expand Green-GO digital line

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
PLASA 2012: ELC to expand Green-GO digital linethe Green-GO Communications digital intercom system over Ethernet has been adopted throughout the world
UK - Following its successful launch of Green-GO Ethernet-based intercom and cuelight system at PLASA and LDI last year - where the system won new product awards at both shows - ELC Lighting will be showing an expanded range of Green-GO products at this year's PLASA.

Since its initial showing at PLASA 2011, the Green-GO Communications digital intercom system over Ethernet has been adopted throughout the world, with a growing population of national distributors taking on the brand. This fully-featured digital intercom system has all the performance of a matrix-style network, but without the complexity, hardware or cost of a central matrix 'exchange'. Each outstation mirrors a copy of the system's complete routing and setup parameters, which eliminates the need for a matrix and has the added benefit of providing backup and automatic patching if new outstations are added or exchanged. The system senses the new element present within the network and uploads the appropriate data.

Green-GO can be used with just two basic beltpacks and a PoE Ethernet network straight from the box, or configured with multiple outstations for up to a maximum of 3750 users and up to 250 groups (or partylines/rings) with no degredation of the Ethernet network. Networks can be setup and text messages sent to outstations simply and easily by using freeware software for either PC or Mac.

The new range of GWP wall panel outstations will be launched this year on the ELC stand, alongside the central components of Green-GO - the beltpack and multichannel desks - and system accessories including interfaces to existing analogue systems, and the Green-GO 5-port Ethernet switch.

The GWP range of Green-GO wall panels provides three levels of network integration: GWP-HS is a panel-mounted version of the GBP2 beltpack with direct access to two channels (which may be a single direct user or a group) with a headset/mic connection; GWP-SP has similar features but with an integrated loudspeaker and microphone in place of the XLR4 headset connector, and GWP is for cuelight display and acknowledgement only. The large LCD display is also a cue acknowledgement pushbutton, and has a RGB backlight and text display that provides a clear cue light warn/go and text display.

ELC Lighting is also a major player in the design and manufacture of high speed network data distribution equipment for live entertainment and performance lighting installations in theatrical and TV venues, specializing in DMX, RDM, sACN and Ethernet networking.

On stand 2-S15, hall 2 at PLASA 2012, ELC will be introducing dmXLAN v4, the latest version of its show management software. The free download software for PC, Mac, or iOS and Android devices allows the user to configure ELC lighting dmXLAN nodes offline or online, run macros such as 'lamp on' and 'reset' without interrupting the board operator, take control of every fixture, and start automated tests. The software also displays which universes are online, the frame-rate, channel count, channel values and source.

Visitors to ELC will also see a range of nodes, switches, test and wireless products designed specifically for distributing DMX and RDM over Ethernet using sACN and other protocols in a live entertainment environment.

(Jim Evans)

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