PLASA 2012: Pulsar promotes new features

Monday, 20 August 2012

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UK - Alongside Pulsar's new optimised TriColour LED chipsets that generate between 25 and 50% more light per Fixture, PLASA 2012 sees the official launch of Pulsar Fixture Management (PFM), a remote configuration system for Pulsar fixtures controlling settings that would normally be programmed by their User Interface Module (UIM).

"It's a real bonus for fixtures installed in inaccessible places, essential for products without their own UIM, and helps engineer a cost-effective and tamper-resistant lighting solution powered by Pulsar's cutting edge LED ChromaRange Fixtures," says the company.

In addition to PFM sees the optimisation and upgrading of Pulsar's LED lines with further development to QuickLink, ChromaPixelStrip25, ChromaStrip24, and the new High Brightness Single Colour ChromaAR111, an economically priced light-engine that can power the ChromaRange AngleFlush and Flush recessed ceiling fixtures, the IP68 ChromaScape fixture, and even custom Pulsar and OEM projects.

Three new 12-way 200W power sources also make an appearance, a new hardwired IP65 ChromaZone for sub-100W PULSAR Fixtures, as well as a 24V DC Power and DMX Buffer, and a straight 24V DC IP65 PSU for stand-alone light fittings.

(Jim Evans)

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