PLASA 2012: RSG launches eight-channel mixer

Sunday, 9 September 2012
PLASA 2012: RSG launches eight-channel mixerThe new Roland R-88 eight-channel recorder and mixer
UK - Launching at IBC and PLASA 2012, the new Roland R-88 eight-channel recorder and mixer is designed for recordists who currently record in stereo but want to switch to multi channel recording and for those who need more channels than existing 4 channel recorders. Designed for a variety of professional needs, the R-88 provides a portable recording and mixing solution for situations where there are multiple microphones on location and music recordings with more than FOUR microphone channels. Complimenting the existing award winning range of Roland portable and hand held field recorders, the R-88 is a high quality yet affordable solution with rugged construction, an extended feature set and superb sound quality.

The R-88 is fully compatible with SMPTE timecode and can act as slave (with timecode regeneration on the timecode out) or as master to enable a fully synchronized video workflow. Further workflow aids are included such as Slate facility from onboard mic for memo recording or Slate tone (1kHz/-20dBFS) and a jack input which allows control of play, record, rewind and more via optional single or dual footswitches.

For film recording on location, multiple wireless and boom microphones can be connected to the R-88, mixing the audio signals and outputting a stereo mix to a video camcorder or DSLR, whilst simultaneously recording each microphone audio signal for subsequent post production. Six channel surround microphones can be connected to the R-88 for surround recording on location, providing 2-Mix monitor on headphones. For concert recording with multiple microphones, the microphones and PA outputs can be connected directly to the R-88. The R-88 records each individual channel and 2-Mix from the microphone inputs at the same time.

The metal exterior of the R-88 provides added rigidity and durability whilst the compact size and the choice of batteries or DC input, make the R-88 easily portable. A large touch panel display makes the user interface easy and intuitive to use.

(Jim Evans)

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