PLASA09: Outline software seminars success

Friday, 2 October 2009
PLASA09: Outline software seminars successOne of Outline's software seminars at PLASA09
UK / Italy - Outline has successfully launched its Openarray 3D Software. Training seminars were held during PLASA09 on its stand, to train and show system engineers and sound designers the advantage of having a three dimensional software programme that can predict the results expected from either a live performance or an installation of its products.

The intention of releasing an 'alpha' version is to gain the experience of system engineers consistently working in the field. Building on the success of V.I.P. (Vector Implementation Protocol), the idea is to have the engineers contact the company with a "wish list" of additions to the software that would assist them in the future.

Openarray has in its user files at present the three line array products from Outline, namely Butterfly, Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and Mantas. By the end of this year all the subwoofer products will be available and early next year the full product portfolio, including all point source products.

Openarray can also be used by sales designers to show clients what can be expected from their purchases. The technology is based on a GL platform and features fast rendering time from input of data to final design. Openarray also has the ability to import DXF files, thus giving engineers a head start to final deployment of the intended system.

The seminars at PLASA saw over a hundred system technicians from all over the world take advantage of the first look at Oopnarray. The programme went into its first event one week later at the Guinness 250 celebrations, where a Butterfly system was used in Hop House 13 for performances by Tom Jones and Kasabian.

Britannia Row system engineer Sergiy Zhtytnikov commented: "The programme is really easy to use and accurately predicts the eventual performance of the Outline Butterfly. As a building platform for further enhancements that will appear soon and with the input from actual users the software has no competitors."

(Jim Evans)

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