PR Lighting arrives on the Maldives

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

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Maldives - The holiday resort destination of the Maldive Islands, in the Indian Ocean, has provided the exotic location for PR Lighting's latest foray.

Local event management company, BeamOn, is using the popular XS1200 Spot on the celebrity TV show, Tharinge Rey 2012, broadcast by Maldives TV station, DhiTV.

Recorded in a local theatre, the series runs once a week (over four weeks), with all shows pre-recorded two days in advance.

Working in conjunction with the TV station, BeamOn designed the lighting rig, specifying six of the high power XS1200s among the lighting effects, chosen for their colour temperature filters and colour saturation; the lighting is controlled from an Avolites Pearl Tiger console.

Everyone has been delighted with the lighting dynamics, reports BeamOn's Abdulla Shareef (Allo), and he expects these will feature again on future DhiTV shows in the Republic of Maldives.

(Jim Evans)

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