PR Lighting makes impact at Bee Free festival

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

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Slovakia - PR Lighting fixtures have appeared on the biggest DJ festival to take place in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

The Chinese manufacturer's territory representatives, Techhouse, ensured that the portfolio was well represented at the Bee Free (free festival) after taking on the distributorship at the end of last year.

"The quality of the products is vital to us, and we are delighted when that is matched by the price," states CEO, Stefan Kollar. "When we purchased the first samples of the lights at the end of 2011, we were positively surprised by the quality and reliability."

They had no hesitation in recommending them to the event, which was again held at Aiport Pieštany, and attended by around 20,000 visitors. Organised by teams from Storm Promotion and KuulFabrik, every year more than 150 DJ's perform on five stages.

Techhouse's rental division 4 SOUND provided the technical equipment and support for the Techhouse and DNB stage (along with the DJ equipment for all five stages).The inventory included many fixtures from the PR Lighting catalogue, including six XL 250 Spot, two XL 300 Beam, the new XR 200 Beam, using the new Philips platinum 5R lamp - while away from conventional discharge movers they used four XLED 400 LED spots and two small footprint XLED 336's.

The stages were divided into different music genres - progressive trance, house, techno, drum 'n' base and Techhouse stage. "Here we showcased new DJ equipment but specifically wanted to focus on PR Lighting to show our customers that these fixtures are of really high quality, and sufficiently reliable to be used on such an important and demanding event as this."

The Techhouse/ 4 SOUND lighting team was led by Andrej Sedlar, who designed the scenography in a single day, with the shipment of lights from China arriving in the nick of time. "Thanks to the joint effort of both parties we had a wonderful event." states Kollar. "It was important to show the different features and demonstrate that even small lights can make a great show for a large gathering of people."

(Jim Evans)

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