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ARX debuts Dante DI breakout box

Monday, 24 July 2017

Australia - ARX Systems has released the Network DI Dante Digital-to-Analogue breakout box.
The Network DI digital-to-analogue breakout box utilises the popular Dante network protocol to extract audio from a network and convert it to studio quality transformer isolated low latency analogue audio suitable for connecting to amplifiers, or powered speakers, mixing console and other analogue audio devices using standard Ethernet hardware and cabling.
“Dante has become the long-awaited standard for digital audio distribution in production and install professional audio,” says ARX managing director, Colin Park. “The Network DI is the first product in for our Dante-enabled range, which we’ll be expanding through into 2018.”
(Jim Evans)


Schertler releases Roy and Teddy

Friday, 21 July 2017

Switzerland - Schertler Group has announced the release of Roy, its new flagship combo amp and Teddy, a compact professional stage monitor. These latest additions to the Swiss manufacturer’s portfolio demonstrate a growing commitment to developing solutions that meet the demands of musicians and engineers in the professional live performance and recording environments, says the company.
Roy is the new “King” of Schertler’s next generation acoustic amplifier series. Equipped with a 1” tweeter and two 8” woofers, the 400W, top-of-the-range, 7-channel combo amp forms a powerful yet portable stand-alone stage or studio amplification system for soloists and/or small groups.
Roy includes four input channels with various microphone / instrument combinations, inserts (as on a professional mixer), 3-band EQ and phantom power; an additional unbalanced instrument input channel; a stereo input channel for playback devices and an FX return / additional input channel. The amplifier’s Master section features both a digital reverb and a new digital Multi-Effect (on a separate bus), as well as DI/Line/Aux Outputs and a headphone preamp for monitoring.
Like all Schertler amplifiers, Roy is equipped with a high-voltage Class-A preamp and has no integrated circuits and no negative feedback (NFB) to guarantee best possible sound reproduction. The amp is available with a wood or anthracite finish.
Teddy, Schertler’s new 200W compact stage monitor, has been specifically developed for professional theatre and concert sound applications. Equipped with


Fulcrum Acoustic unveils CCX loudspeaker

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced their latest innovative product, the CCX1295 12-Inch Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeaker. Fulcrum's Passive Cardioid Technology enables the CCX1295 to achieve unprecedented LF/HF control for a product of its size, says the company.
The CCX1295 marks Passive Cardioid Technology's first application in Fulcrum's extensive TQ Install line of versatile installation loudspeakers. Combining the benefits of this technology with Temporal Equalization (TQ), the single-amplified CCX1295 delivers impressive LF directional control, improved intelligibility, enhanced sonic accuracy, and the output capability and pattern control of normal premium two-way systems in a considerably lighter and more compact enclosure than those with offset drivers.
"The CCX1295 features a single 12-inch 90° x 45° horn-loaded woofer and a three-inch compression driver in a compact enclosure designed for permanent installation in a wide range of applications," explains Fulcrum Acoustic co-founder and vice president of R&D David Gunness. "This passive subcardioid coaxial loudspeaker provides 9 dB of low frequency attenuation in the rear hemisphere. As the first member of our CCX12 family, the CCX1295 will soon be joined by 12-inch models offering a full range of horn patterns."
(Jim Evans)


PR upgrades popular hybrid fixture

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

China - PR Lighting’s new XR 440B BWS expands on the existing XR 440 BWS, which integrates three features (Spot, Wash and Beam) in a single unit. Combining the same advanced 440W Osram Sirius lamp technology with superb optical system, it has been upgraded with an animation effect added to the fixed gobo wheel, along with a wide angle (50°) zoom and LCD touch screen control.
Full features include: mechanical strobe (0.3-25 fps with macro); mechanical dimmer (0-100% linearly adjustable); CMY linear colour mixing with macros; colour wheel (13 colours with CTO plus open); rainbow effect with bi-directional and variable speeds; stepping/linear colour changer and fixed gobo wheel (10 gobos plus open, bi-directionally rotatable and shakeable at variable speeds.
(Jim Evans)


Panasonic introduces 24/7 indoor signage displays

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Europe - Panasonic has launched a new range of indoor display panels engineered for digital signage.
The Full HD SF2 range replaces the LF8 indoor signage series and features new data cloning software, accessed via LAN, which allows for the copying of menu settings and adjusted values from the original display to multiple others.
The E-LED LCD display is available in four sizes (43, 49, 55 and 65-inch), the adaptable screen features wide-view IPS panel technology with 450 cd/m2.
The addition of multi monitoring and control software enables users to monitor and control the displays alongside any projectors within a facility from a single PC. Up to 2,048 devices can be controlled simultaneously, suitable for use within corporate or education environments.
“We have engineered the SF2 series to offer failure-free round-the-clock operation,” said Enrique Robledo, European marketing manager at Panasonic. “The panel offers particularly impressive colour and brightness levels whilst also boasting incredibly low energy consumption, making it perfect for 24/7, high-profile operation.”
(Jim Evans)


Arkaos releases LEDMaster 1.2

Monday, 17 July 2017

Europe - Arkaos has announced the release of LEDMaster 1.2 with the support for the new interface Kling-Force LED.
Says the company, “Now is the perfect time to discover an incredibly flexible and efficient way to drive your next LED show! The release of the New LEDMaster 1.2 brings significant support updates for the Kling-Net protocol and also introduces support for the new interface Kling-Force LED, an incredibly efficient and easy way to control LED strips.”
The Kling-Net protocol makes the programming of LED devices much faster and easier. The Kling-Force LED platform is daisy chainable to distribute video over Ethernet via plug and play and no complex setup is required.
(Jim Evans)


PR Lighting’s Phantom is now a reality

Monday, 17 July 2017

China - PR Lighting has announced the release of Phantom, a new hybrid moving head first previewed at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight+Sound Show. An upgraded version of the XR 440 BWS, it contains a full designer’s toolkit in a single unit.
Utilising an Osram Sirius HRI 440W discharge source combined with PR Lighting’s advanced optical system, it delivers a solid beam, with 60° wide wash and an even varied spot.
The fully-featured fixture brings a number of advantages. These include a fixed gobo wheel with18 fixed gobos plus open, a rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos plus open; a prism wheel, with eight-facet prism and 4-facet linear prism as well as an independent 8-facet prism; an independent frost filter; an interchangeable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotating at variable speeds.
Other features include mechanical dimmer (0-100%); double shutter blades (0.3-25 fps); motorized linear focus and zoom. The Phantom also boasts variable beam angles: 0°-2.8° (in Beam mode), 5°-60° (in Spot mode) and 5°-60° in Wash mode, all linearly adjustable. It offers Pan 540º (pan) and 270° (tilt) with auto position correction; DMX512 control with 22 channels in short mode, 30 in standard mode and 34 in extended mode. There is also a wireless control function.
(Jim Evans)


sE Electronics debuts small-diaphragm condenser

Monday, 17 July 2017

USA - New for Summer NAMM 2017, sE Electronics has announced the sE8 condenser microphone. The sE8 utilizes a handcrafted gold-sputtered small-diaphragm true condenser capsule manufactured by sE in their own capsule room, with this capsule’s brand new backplate design resulting in a more even, balanced sound and superior transient response as compared to any other small-capsule condenser of comparable price and beyond.
According to sE’s product manager Thomas Stubics, “You can apply any shelving filters or peak EQ without harshness, unpleasant colorations or distorted transients – it just stays natural.” This is accomplished with an extremely short, efficient signal path, without the use of ICs or transformers - and according to Stubics, the sE8 is “one of the quietest SDC microphones available today – and by far the quietest in its class. Sonically, we feel it can easily be compared with mics that retail for more than $1,000 USD per pair.”
The sE8 also includes two low-cut filters (switchable between 80Hz and 160Hz) and two attenuation pads (-10dB or -20dB), which provide it with the highest SPL handling capability and dynamic range in its class. The body is finished with the same new high-quality paint as sE’s latest microphones, plus a unique diamond-cut edge around the capsule, and the XLR connector is gold-plated for loss-free, reliable, and long-lasting use.
The sE8 is also available as a matched stereo pair, which comes complete with a precision-machined stereo mounting bar, two mic clips, two wind screens, and a sturdy flig


ProAudio Technology launches vertical line array

Friday, 14 July 2017

Germany - With the new VT16 Vertical Line Array loudspeaker ProAudio Technology expands their product family by a compact line array system 58 cm wide (22.8 in.) which sets new standards regarding efficiency and cost effectiveness.
The VT16 was first showcased at Prolight & Sound 2017, the series rollout began in May. The two 8” high-excursion low-mid drivers are arranged symmetrically around the horn-loaded 1.4” HF driver, providing a distinctive full-range behaviour down below 50 Hz. In the crucial mid-range all three drivers work in parallel, thereby providing essential headroom with a compact music programme. The horizontal dispersion is 90 degrees and the weight is 21 kg (46.4 lbs).
The linear acoustic phase of the VT 16 above 80 Hz ensures a perfect broadband coupling among the individual speakers within the array and enables to equalize the whole system with an amazingly small number of filters.
The impedance of 1 x 12 ohms allows an economical drive with up to six elements per channel of a 10.4-DSP or 20.4-DSP system amplifier.
By using the company’s light-weight flying frame of only 10 kg (22 lbs.) you can hang 11 VT16 on a 250 kg (552 lbs.) motor. The fully integrated three-point flying equipment of high-grade steel allows vertical angles between 0° and 8° in consistent 1-degree steps and arrays of 16 VT16 loudspeakers in vertical arrays.
(Jim Evans)


DiGiCo software upgrades for S-Series consoles

Thursday, 13 July 2017

UK - DiGiCo has announced the release of its latest V2.0 software upgrade for its S-Series consoles, adding key features including increased channel count for both the S21 and S31 from 40 to 48 input channels.
This free of charge upgrade gives S-Series users 48 mono/stereo switchable flexi-channels, with no processing limitations.
The upgrade also includes: New switching functionality for the order of EQ and Dynamics modules; New Stereo Width and Balance controls added to the Input Processing View for Stereo Input Channels; The addition of a Disable Master Mute function; New Backup User Partition function allowing all user sessions to be copied to an external USB key at the same time; A Clear User Partition function allowing all user sessions to be deleted from the user partition.
DiGiCo’s S-Series consoles have been designed using the same FPGA components as the SD Series consoles, combined with a new ARM QuadCore RISC processor.
“This is what has allowed us to produce an entry level range with the same fundamental technological values as every other DiGiCo console, and with faster processing and lower power consumption than any other console in its class,” says DiGiCo’s general manager Austin Freshwater.”
(Jim Evans)


Bourns debuts slide potentiometer

Thursday, 13 July 2017

USA - Bourns, Inc has expanded its line of professional audio and lighting products with a 60mm motorized slide potentiometer.
The Bourns Model PSP60 is designed to meet space constraints, longer lifespan and frequent adjustment requirements of automated professional audio mixing consoles, broadcast mixing consoles, and professional lighting consoles and controllers.
Available in a variety of resistance values (from 10kΩ to 100kΩ) and standard taper options, the Bourns Model PSP60 60mm motorized slide potentiometer delivers superior operational characteristics. It features a long-life carbon element offering up to 1,000,000 cycles, a touch sense lever allowing for adjustments on the fly during live shows, a servo track for console automation and a snap-in connector for ease of assembly in production.
(Jim Evans)


Atlona to expand OmniStream capabilities

Thursday, 13 July 2017

USA - Atlona has announced that a firmware update to its award-winning OmniStream AV over IP platform will expand the innovative solution with a wide range of new features and capabilities that “will greatly benefit its corporate, educational, and government AV customers”. Scheduled for release in late September, these new enhancements include comprehensive 4K and HDR compatibility, video wall processing, HDCP 2.2 compliance, and AES67 audio over IP interoperability.
“In keeping with our mission to help our AV over IP customers solve their integration challenges, streamline infrastructure, enhance connectivity, and simplify management, this OmniStream upgrade will continue to enable many new and novel AV system design and problem-solving opportunities, today and tomorrow,” said Nick Bethard, Atlona’s senior product manager.
Topping the list of new features is the addition of high-performance encoding and decoding of UHD @ 60 Hz 4:4:4. This feature will be available as an optional licensed upgrade for the OmniStream 111 (AT-OMNI-111) single-channel encoder, but will be standard with the OmniStream 112 (AT-OMNI-112) dual-channel encoder as well as the OmniStream single and dual-channel decoders (AT-OMNI-121 and AT-OMNI-122).
The firmware upgrade also adds support for popular HDR formats, including HDR10. In particular, the OmniStream platform will now handle 4K @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, 10-bit colour, and HDR, making it compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray, streaming media players and other emerging consumer video sources that deliv


PR Lighting supercharges Butterfly

Thursday, 13 July 2017

China - PR Lighting recently previewed the new Butterfly among a suite of new products at the Prolight+Sound Show in Frankfurt.
Although it was well received, the company decided to supercharge it by adding five small plates on the central disk, containing 15 x 1W LEDs, to the 6 x 40W Osram R/G/B/W 4 in 1 LEDs already existing. It is now known as the Butterfly II.
The new de luxe fixture is thus now composed of 11 independently controlled or grouped LED engines all in one unit. The fixed centre 3.5° RGBW beam is surrounded by the five individual identical RGBW beams, all with tilt control, creating a flapping butterfly effect.
This fixture contains five white LED clusters that can be individually controlled or can work together to create either a white blinder strobe or random strobing effect. The entire unit can pan 540° and tilt 270° while the entire head can spin continuously through 360° and the outer LEDs can tilt 180°. The LCD touchscreen and WDMX control make operation and connection easy and intelligible.
(Jim Evans)


Summer spotlight on new products from Milos

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Europe - From 1 July – 30 September, Milos will be focusing on a range of new products launched in 2017. During this spotlight period, Milos will be producing two technical videos about the new Milos MT-PA5030 PA Tower and MILOS MT1 Ballast Base, as well as a product range video about other newly launched Milos products.
The first technical video about the MT1 Ballast Base is now available and can be viewed here. ( #truss #trussing #rigger #rigging #milostruss)
Milos is constantly developing new products that provide you with increased flexibility, convenience and usefulness.
(Jim Evans)


Amate Audio launches ultra-compact active series

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Spain - Amate Audio is introducing the first model in a new ultra-compact performance loudspeaker series - NÍTID.
Like all NÍTID series designs, the N12SM is the culmination of intensive R&D, to achieve the greatest attainable levels of power and performance from the most compact cabinet geometry. NÍTID series systems employ the latest digital amplification and processing technologies, in symbiosis with advanced acoustic design and engineering, and represent a new paradigm in compact sound reinforcement.
Easy to operate and even easier to handle, the N12SM is a highly portable, powerful stage monitor that weighs just 18kg. Performance is characterised by its highly musical, pristine sound reproduction - with outstanding vocal intelligibility - ultra-low distortion and 128 dB SPL.
The N12SM features integral 700 W 3rd generation Class-D bi-amplification and on-board digital signal processing technology, with extensive system control capabilities that include a selection of ‘plug & play’ active power and DSP system presets, enabling the N12SM to be configured for performance in mere seconds. The low profile form factor measures just 459 x 364 x 570 mm (approx. 18 x 14 x 22.5 inches), and can be deployed in either a nearfield or front-of-stage monitoring profile.
(Jim Evans)


Arkaos introduces Kling-Net Tile app

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Europe - Kling-Net is a new plug-and-play protocol for easy operation of LED devices introduced by ArKaos.
The Kling-Net Tile app converts your smartphone or tablet into a LED tile and is available for for free. Kling-Net protocol, in combination with ArKaos software (LED Master, GrandVJ XT and MediaMaster), provides a plug and play connection to LED devices of all sorts. The compatibility matrix is on the Arkaos website (
(Jim Evans)


Martin Audio’s new line-up starts to ship

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - Back in April, Martin Audio chose Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt as the platform to announce and preview its ambitious line-up of 10 new products across multiple categories including line arrays, stage monitors and amplifiers.
With pre-sales running high, Martin Audio has announced that many of the new products have now started to ship. Dom Harter, managing director, commented: “I’m delighted that our production schedule has remained on track which is another sign of the growing maturity of the business, enabling us to keep our commitments to customers.”
First out of the gates was the XE Series, bringing engineering innovation to high performance stage monitoring. Featuring unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology with a patent pending third static waveguide, the XE series is designed to deliver” perfect monitor sound with a defined coverage pattern” that allows the artist freedom of movement, while reducing overlap with adjacent monitors. Harter commented, “Both XE500 and XE300 will be featuring at major festivals over the summer, and currently demand has already accounted for our next few months’ production.”
Also shipping is the latest LE Monitor Series, scaling down the technology found in the XE Series to bring engineering innovation to everyday stage monitoring, while at the same time delivering exceptional performance and controlled coverage at a price point not previously possible for a truly professional monitor. Both the LE100 (1x12” LF) and LE200 (1x15” LF) started to ship at the end of May. Harter commented


CAST Software announces wysiwyg R39

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

World - CAST has introduced wysiwyg Lighting Design Software Release 39 which packs improved security to protect user investment as well as a rich new feature set for every wysiwyg mode: CAD, Data, Plots, Reports and Previsualization and more.
Created with the lighting designer in mind as well as a futuristic workplace, wysiwyg’s powerful and integrated improvements result from the direct feedback from wysiwyg users and the wysiwyg beta testing program. Users will be able to be more creative and dynamic in their lighting design workflow from the design and presentation to clients as well as on site, saving valuable time and resources.
Users now can export 360º Spherical images of their design and with the help of a VR googles, such as Google cardboard or Gear VR, users can step inside their virtual design and experience it in first hand.
CAST has accomplished extensive background work so that wysiwyg can be translated to new languages. French language is first with many more languages available soon, says the company.
For wysiwyg Release 39, a lot of investigation time and effort was dedicated to make improvements to importing DWG/DXF files. This should resolve any issues experienced when importing very large DWG/DXF files.
There are 220 new fixtures available in the Library plus new accessories, gels, gobos and many old fixture correction and updates.
(Jim Evans)


DPA continues 25th anniversary celebration

Monday, 3 July 2017

Denmark - DPA Microphones is continuing to celebrate 25 years in the business with the addition of two more limited-edition, commemorative microphone kits.
“We are excited to unveil the final two 25th anniversary microphone kits to celebrate this momentous event,” says Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO. “These kits actually showcase DPA’s entire lifetime.
“One kit contains the first omnidirectional microphone in our portfolio, the d:dicate 4006A, as well as our latest innovation, the brand new d:vice MMA-A Digital Audio Interface. The second kit includes our first cardioid microphone, the d:dicate 4011A as well as the d:vice. Both of these kits are made for sound aficionados who value the sound quality and the versatility of DPA microphones.”
The two kits are similar, differing only in the type of d:dicate microphones contained within – a matched studio pair of either 4006A Omnidirectionals or 4011A Cardioids. Both versions have the 25-year logo engraved on the included black A-preamplifiers. In addition to one of these stereo pairs, each kit includes two selected d:screet Miniature Microphones, a d:vice and a range of accessories like the MMP-G preamps that allow the d:dicate capsules to go wireless.
The kits come in an exclusive aluminium suitcase with the 25-year logo engraved. There are only 25 of each type of kit – the Omnidirectional and the Cardioid – available and each suitcase is numbered.
(Jim Evans)


Cameo ZENIT B60 now available

Monday, 3 July 2017

Germany - The Cameo ZENIT B60 battery-powered PAR spotlight is on its way. The first production run of the two models is already completely sold out. Boasting IP65 classification and W-DMX control, this spotlight is designed for demanding lighting tasks, both indoors and outdoors. The ZENIT B60 is available in black (CLZB60BLSD) and chrome (CLZB60CLSD) versions.
This spotlight is equipped with high-quality components to provide safe operation, long life and the highest efficiency, says the company. When fully charged, the powerful lithium-ion battery from LG Chem delivers a reliable operating time of up to 24 hours in RGBW mode. In single colour mode, the run-time can be up to four whole days, i.e. 96 hours. An intelligent battery-management system protects against overcharging and deep discharging, ensuring long life.
With a service life of 50,000 hours, four 15-watt RGBW Cree LEDs deliver an extremely bright 1,900 lumens, facilitating the creation of brilliant, consistent colours with a precise beam angle of 11°. Two specially developed diffusers are supplied with the ZENIT B60 to extend the beam angle to 25° or 40°, without compromising light output.
The unit can be controlled via DMX (seven modes), RDM, the included infrared remote control, or the display on the spotlight itself. The ZENIT B60 is also equipped with a 2.4 GHz W-DMX receiver for wireless control.
Daniel Garcia, product manager, light comments: “We have been overwhelmed by the world-wide demand for a compact and elegant battery-powered PAR spotlight. The first product


Kinesys stages demo day in Toronto

Friday, 30 June 2017

Canada - Automation specialist Kinesys is staging its first product awareness demonstration in Canada - on 8 July for one day only - to make people aware that Kinesys products have ‘officially landed’ in Canada and are available for immediate rental from Drifter Rigging.
The demo day is a collaboration between David Bond, who runs Kinesys’ US operation and Mark “Drifter” Desloges from Drifter Rigging, a new rental operation recently established in Toronto, with a selection of Kinesys kit. It will be held in a warehouse facility at 100 Carson St. Unit A Etobicoke, Toronto, M8W 3R9.
The objectives of the day include introducing people to Kinesys as a brand and highlighting the range of intelligent rigging and automation solutions available generally with particular attention to the newest ground-breaking Kinesys technologies available, the Apex system.
The Apex system is a leading-edge product line that incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive experience producing variable speed chain hoists to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid hoists and controllers designed to maximise creativity for shows, stage and environment designers and operators in all fields of entertainment.
The system was launched at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt this year with a new hoist controller and two new chain hoists, built to Kinesys’ exact specifications.
There will be a ‘live’ demo of the Apex system in action, where attendees will be able to get close up and technical with it while David and Mark will be on hand to answer all querie


Roland debuts multi-format matrix switcher

Monday, 26 June 2017

Europe - Roland Professional A/V has introduced the XS-1HD, a compact multi-format matrix switcher that combines the power of the popular XS AV Matrix Series and the size and features of the V-1 video switcher series. The XS-1HD provides multi-screen output destinations for confidence monitor, main and side screens and overflow rooms.
The diminutive XS-1HD features four HDMI inputs with scalers and scaled outputs all while measuring just under 13 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.4 inches in size. It is power packed with professional live production tools that include keying and picture-in-picture effects with full HD support.
The XS-1HD accepts a variety of video signals from sources such as cameras, computers, and media players ideal for corporate production, worship and rental applications. The XS-1HD is equally at home in banquet venues, halls, theatres, or e-learning studios that use multiple output destinations to displays, pixel accurate scaling for LED Walls and projectors.
Complex systems that would otherwise require touch panels, video switchers, audio mixers, and control panels can be implemented using just the XS-1HD, which simplifies production and streamlines workflows. Event setups can be recalled from scene memories, and the USB memory stores switcher setting as well as still images.
Frame synchronization and scaling are provided on all inputs. The high-quality 4:4:4/10-bit processing accommodates resolutions up to WUXGA/1080p. In addition to matrix switching, a split mode allows up to three inset windows to be composited into a backgro


Chauvet introduces Ovation wash batten

Monday, 26 June 2017

USA - Chauvet Professional continues to usher in a new era of colour mixing opportunities in wash lighting with the introduction of the Ovation B-1965FC. Like its predecessors, the Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC, the new 1.2m batten utilises a RGBA-Lime colour mixing system, allowing designers to create a richer and broader range of colours as well as brighter whites.
“The Ovation B-1965FC gives us a complete range of batten washes with RGBA-Lime colour mixing,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers immediately appreciated the brighter output and more realistic colour washes they could achieve with our Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC and they can expect the same from our latest batten. Lime fits into the optimal wavelength for the human eye, which is critical to the performance of these fixtures.”
Powered by 196 RGBL LEDs, the Ovation B-1965FC has an illuminance of up to 5,000 lux at five meters, making it one of the brightest battens on the market. In addition to its brightness and long throw distance, the fixture is versatile with multiple control personalities for complex programming schemes, up to seven sections of control and 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colours. The user-friendly batten offers RDM, Art-Net and sACN as well as standard 3-pin and 5-pin DMX control options.
Other standard features include a Virtual Colour Wheel that matches popular gel colours, temperature pre-sets for easier programming, and a linear holographic diffuser that locks into place for wall and cyc grazing. The fixture’s adjustabl


DMXcat wins In New York and London

Friday, 23 June 2017

UK/USA - City Theatrical’s new DMXcat multi-function test tool recently received two prestigious awards in one week, first gaining the Lighting Product of the Year award at the ABTT Theatre Show in London on 6 June, and them receiving the Live Design Lighting Product of the Year award from Live Design magazine in New York City on 12 June.
City Theatrical‘s DMXcat makes it easy for anyone to control, analyse, or test any DMX lighting fixture, whether it’s a simple LED PAR or a complex moving light. The system consists of a small hardware dongle and a suite of mobile applications.
(Jim Evans)


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