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Robe specified for Atlas Theatre institution

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Netherlands - The newly built and inaugurated Atlas Theatre in Emmen, Netherlands is a multifunctional performance space in the heart of the city and part of a 250m euro development.
In addition to the two Atlas auditoriums - with capacities of 822 and 300 – the complex also includes a full convention centre, catering outlets, offices and is an access point for the Wildlands Adventure Zoo - and Robe moving lights.
The plan to replace the old De Muzeval theatre in the city actually took around 40 years to come to realization for a complexity of reasons. The construction eventually commenced in 2014 and was finished in 2016, with its spectacular, gleamingly modern architectural style, the state-of-the-art facility opened in autumn of last year.
In the meantime, the technical specifications had been completed by acclaimed Amsterdam based theatre consultants Theateradvies, and the bid to supply lighting was won by Controllux.
Twenty-four moving lights were on that space, for which Controllux proposed 12 x Robe DL7S Profiles and 12 x BMFL Spots as the most practical and flexible premium-brand options for the theatre. The project was managed for them by Kuno van Velzen.
The construction company completing the build is also responsible for the building’s maintenance for the next 20 years, so reliability was key to choosing kit.
The technical team led by Koos Maris and including Nick Unij and Jan Honouwer – both also involved with the old theatre - were delighted with the choice of Robes.
The original plan was to have 24


Chauvet creates impact at Hype-O-Dream

Monday, 24 July 2017

Belgium - Thanks to its consistently impressive line-ups and extravagant productions, the five-year old Hype-O-Dream has already succeeded in making an indelible impact on the Belgium summer EDM festival calendar. With this year’s headliners including Lil John and Roger Sanchez raising the bar even higher this year, Creative Rental Solutions were tasked with providing bigger and better visuals then ever for the festival’s five stages.
To achieve this, Creative Rental Solutions incorporated a number of Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Hybrid, Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash and Geyser RGB fixtures into the visual concepts of the Mirage Mainstage and the Flashback Stage.
To complement the Mirage Mainstage’s impressive 20m high Venetian carnival themed main stage, which incorporated three large video screens of eyes masked by traditional Venetian costume, Creative Rental Solutions positioned 10 Maverick MK1 Hybrid, 24 Rogue R2 Wash and 12 Maverick Spot fixtures to provide equally larger than life visuals.
“The Maverick Hybrid fixtures were our main choice of fixtures for their exceptional ability to produce fantastic spot and beam combinations – perfect for a one day festival such as Hype-O-Dream to give us a variety of looks to play with,” said Thomas Vandekerkhove of Creative Rental Solutions.
Because one of the main stage’s key production features was a holographic laser show, Creative Rental Solutions had the difficult job of specifying lighting which could compete with the impressive laser beams crisscrossing the main


Sennheiser captures Chelsea festival in 3D

Monday, 24 July 2017

USA - The Chelsea Music Festival has prided itself on the diversity of its programming as well as the spaces in which those performances take place. In its first eight seasons, it has presented events at more than 50 locations throughout Chelsea and the rest of Manhattan, from schools to parks to churches. Featuring musical styles running the gamut from classical to jazz as well as visual and culinary experiences to complement them, its crowd mirrors the diversity of its programming.
This year’s festival, which took place in June, utilised the remarkable St. Paul’s German Lutheran Church as the marquee location for its opening and closing weekend performances. Built in 1884-85 in the Romanesque Revivalist style, it is not only notable for its appearance but also for the acoustics of its main chapel. For the first time, live recording experts Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz of Anderson Audio New York were on hand to capture every note performed there during the festival for delivery via Sennheiser’s immersive AMBEO 3D audio format.
The idea for a 3D capture of the performances germinated during last year’s festival, which Anderson and Schwarz had attended as guests. “We were very impressed with the level of musicianship at the festival, and when we heard that several performances would take place at St. Paul’s our interest was further piqued,” says Anderson. “This chapel was legendary in the 80s and 90s for serving as the location for many audiophile recordings of classical and jazz music.”
Anderson and Schwarz had also recently exp


L-Acoustics’ Kiva II reinforces Music in the Park

Monday, 24 July 2017

USA - The Sinnissippi Music Shell at Sinnissippi Park in Rockford, Illinois is visually striking: a flaring overhead clamshell roof above a modernistic trapezoidal frame around the stage. These kinds of architectural statements, however, often come with challenges for venue sound, and this was no exception.
For this year’s Music In The Park series - which began on 7 June with the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps and runs through 3 August with the Funk, Party and Dance Band, and hosts artists performing genres from rock to bluegrass to zydeco to everything in between - Clearwing Productions called on an L-Acoustics Kiva II design to provide a sound system that covers every seat and stands up to weather in a highly exposed location.
The system is made up of 10 Kiva II loudspeakers flown below three SB15m subs in a single centre-hung array, with two SB18m subs on the stage, all powered by three LA4X amplified controllers. That single hang is able to cover every set in the venue, plus grass sitting areas on the sides and at the top of the hill opposite the stage.
“Ideally, you’d always like to have a left-right stereo system, with a hang on either side of the stage, but it doesn’t always work out that way,” says Mik Moore, systems design engineer at Clearwing Productions, who began working at the Parnelli Award-winning sound-reinforcement provider when he was in college over 20 years ago. “At Sinnissippi Park, given the architecture and the load-bearing limits we faced with this kind of stage design, we had to work with just one line


Depeche Mode embrace global spirit with SSL

Monday, 24 July 2017

UK - The Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour is currently scheduled for over 90 dates in stadiums and large-scale venues around the world. It started in Sweden in May 2017 and will finish in Brazil in March 2018.
Front of House engineer Antony King is taking two Solid State Logic L500 Plus digital live consoles on the road with him, supplied by UK rental company Britannia Row Productions. "The SSL is the only serious choice out there," Says King, who auditioned several consoles before settling on the L500 for the tour. "With a company like SSL you're not taking risks. You want something that will work every day, sound good, and travel on the truck. So, SSL is the only choice, I think, at this point."
The band plays a mixture of material from both its 14th studio album, Spirit, and its legacy of 17 UK top ten albums and over 100m worldwide records sold. The set list also includes the Bowie track Heroes - reported to be the song that Dave Gahan was heard singing in a scout hut by founding member Vince Clarke, when he was asked to join the band. Original members Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, and Andy Fletcher are all in the show, along with touring members Christian Eigner (drums) and Peter Gordeno (Keyboards, bass, backing vocals).
The whole show uses nearly 100 inputs, with the biggest contribution to that being Eigner's drum kit, with about 30 channels all to itself. "There are a lot of drums," notes King. "Lots of toms, two kick drums, two snares, two hats, and cymbals everywhere."
Gordeno uses three keyboards, including a Moog for man


Prolyte helps train Scottish Dance Theatre

Friday, 21 July 2017

UK - When Prolyte received a request for help from a theatre in Scotland, with some doubts as to how to build their new truss structure in a safe way, they jumped to the task. Prolyte organized a one-day on-site training to make sure the technical staff of the company can use their truss safely and efficiently whatever the project.
“Hi there, this is Adam from Scottish Dance Theatre. We have just bought a batch of H30V truss. After using it a couple of times, we now want to use it to build a tower system. I wonder if I could ask some questions…”
This was part of the request that Prolyte received through it’s website in late June this year. The Prolyte team knew this request could not go unanswered and decided to offer the assistance Adam was asking for. Together with distributing partner A.C. Entertainment Technologies, they set out to make an appointment for a full training day as part of their Prolyte Campus initiative.
On 11 July, Eric Laanstra, product manager for Prolyte Structures and Paul Hadfield, distributor manager for Prolyte, met the guys and girls from Scottish Dance Theatre to assist them with a day of training.
Eric Laanstra commented: “We basically just took the team through the whole process of building their own grid. After a morning session to understand more of the technical principles of truss, we followed with a hands-on session, which was very useful to explain the principles of building and loading their structure in a safe way. It made the team more confident and now also more competent.”
Adam McCal


WIcreations moves it for Vasco Rossi in Modena

Friday, 21 July 2017

Italy - WIcreations provided StageCo with specialist automation services to move four massive towers onstage at the epic Vasco Rossi concert and spectacle in Modena – the Italian rock superstar’s only scheduled live appearance in 2017 - attended by 250,000 rapturous fans on a blisteringly hot summer’s day in Modena Park.
As well as working closely with StageCo, who provided all the black steel for the event, WI’s project manager Hans Willems liaised with Claudio Santucci from Gioforma, the show’s creative director. WIcreations has a long history of collaboration with IK Projects from Milan who provided automation operators and crew for this project.
The show was also televised live by national broadcaster RAI and streamed live to selected cinemas, extending the reach yet further as well as being recorded for DVD. It was a BIG deal!
The four towers that needed moving included 9m wide by 15m LED screen surfaces on the front, lighting pods, some that moved which were part of Giovanni Pinna’s elaborate lighting scheme - and rigging elements, video processors, power distros etc., so Hans came up with the genius solution of putting the generators on the towers.
This enabled all the production equipment on each tower section to be neatly and ‘locally’ cabled, while the generators doubled as ballast for the towers. Each tower – fully laden with kit – weighed 44 tonnes.
The four wheels on each tower alone were rated at 18 tonnes of weight loading each – variable depending on how the wind was blowing - and each tower glided


Southcrest Church spreads the word with SSL

Friday, 21 July 2017

USA - Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas has built a new 1600-capacity Worship Centre with two SSL Live L300 consoles at the heart of its sophisticated audio production operation, for PA, live streaming, and TV.
One L300 console manages both Front of House and Monitor duties for the live services, while another is used for a live-streamed broadcast mix, recording, and post production for archived services and TV syndication.
Southcrest Baptist Church is a long standing and popular member of the Lubbock community, and as such its original Worship Centre - now called 'The Venue' - had been operating at full capacity for every service, for some time. "The new Worship Centre was long over-due," says Rusty Trowbridge, the technical director at Southcrest. "The project has taken two years to complete and has doubled the square footage of the church, as well as increasing capacity significantly... The Venue has 750 seats, and the new Centre has 1600."
The church now runs four Sunday services - three large productions at the worship centre with full choir and orchestra, and one 9.30am service at The Venue with a five-piece band and the pastor's message streamed from the main 9.30am service via a live recorder. It also broadcasts a live stream via apps on all major mobile devices and platforms, and distributes music and sermons to four TV stations in the local area. There are seven staff in the media team at the church, and everybody else involved in the production and performance side are volunteers.
Trowbridge runs the SSL L300 at Front of


Rogues reflect many moods of Bruce Hornsby

Friday, 21 July 2017

USA - After three Grammy Awards, over 100 shows with the Grateful Dead, and 11m record sales, Bruce Hornsby hasn’t lost his taste for touring. The singer-songwriter is crisscrossing the US with his band The Noisemakers this summer and enjoying every minute of it. Touring is fun, Hornsby told an interviewer, because he and the band “keep the spontaneity factor high.” This free-flowing spirit was very much in evidence when the Hornsby tour bus pulled into the Columbia County Amphitheatre in June.
The owner of Quest Sound & Productions, Berret created a bountiful range of looks to reflect Hornsby’s eclectic set list with a rig that was anchored by CHAUVET Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures and run with a ChamSys PC Wing. Even a sudden summer storm, which wound up cutting the concert short, didn’t damped the pure exuberance of the concert or the lightshow.
“The combination of Chauvet fixtures and ChamSys worked very well for me because of its flexibility,” said Berret. “Bruce Hornsby and his band convey a lot of different moods with their music and they are very loose on stage. The Chauvet gear gave me a lot of options and I was able to change looks quickly with my ChamSys to keep up with the music.”
Key to helping Berret conjure up a steady stream of fresh looks were the four Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures in his stage package. He had two of the units stacked on truss just to the left and just to the right of centre stage. Drawing on the five independently controlled moving heads on each of the linear Rogues and their rapid pan-tilt


D.A.S. keeps the All-Star party tempo upbeat

Friday, 21 July 2017

USA - On 9 July at Marlins Way, adjacent to Marlins Park (home of the Miami Marlins baseball team), the 2017 MLB Allstar Pre-game Celebration took place. The event was a pre-party for the MLB All Star Game and featured GrammyAward winning Latin Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam as the headlining entertainment.
This was both a concert and a party for the celebrity-filled crowd in town for one of baseball’s major events. To ensure the best possible sound, loudspeakers from Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio were placed into service.
The Design Oasis, specialists in lighting, video, audio, staging and related AV equipment and applications, were contracted to provide sound for this year’s MLB Allstar Pre-game Celebration. The event’s designer, Marc Gambello from Event Management Group and Producer Barry Kates of Innovation Group were very clear on the need to have excellent audio quality during the show, along with clear, even coverage throughout the rest of the event while the DJ was playing.
After speaking with them, Abbas Ritscher, Design Oasis’ co-founder and CEO, specified an impressive assortment of loudspeakers drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s UX and Aero Series 2 product lines. This included eight Aero 40A powered, three-way line array enclosures, 26 Aero 20 powered line array elements, along with six UX-221 hi-power, ultra-low frequency sub bass enclosures. Ritscher discussed the project and his reason for deploying D.A.S. Audio loudspeaker systems.
“This year’s party was held in a very large tent,” Ritscher reports. “There were roug


Solaris T-Lights on Stone Roses tour

Friday, 21 July 2017

Europe - The Manchester band Stone Roses completed their European tour last month, highlighted by a sold-out performance at London’s Wembley Stadium. For their 2017 tour, lighting designer Paul Normandale of Lite Alternative Design included two Solaris T-Light 85,000 Watt Lightning Machines.
“Two were plenty,” says lighting director and programmer Glen Johnson. “These over-the–top strobes are reliable and daylight bright. We needed something for maximum impact against a huge amount of video surfaces. The back screen alone was 35 x 6 meters, with an additional seven screens of IMAG. The T-Lights provided defining moments when used and dramatically ‘altered’ the stage surface each time. Love them!”
Provided for the tour by Lite Alternative, Solaris T-Light Lightning Machines have a flash length from 1/30 to 3.5 seconds and an output of up to two million lumens.
(Jim Evans)


Avolites in control at new look Temple

Friday, 21 July 2017

UK - Two Avolites Ai R6 media servers and an Arena lighting console running the latest Ai and Titan software were chosen to control the high-energy light and video package for the design relaunch of Glastonbury's dance stage, The Temple.
The British media server and lighting controls manufacturer was called in for the third year running by Alan King of Rockin Horse - technical coordinator and production supplier for Block 9 and The Common - who designed and sourced lighting and lasers for The Temple, whilst also keeping an overview on video production.
"In 2015, Rockin Horse got Avolites involved in the Temple's projection mapping as they needed a solid, industry standard server capable of complex projection to be central to the system," says King. "This year we selected the Avolites Ai R6 media servers as they allowed all of the outputs to run from a single graphics card, ensuring synchronicity between the video feeds, and allowing for fast delivery of multiple layers of high resolution video content."
The Temple's new look saw a greatly expanded capacity and a redesign of the venue itself, focussing on the stage's centrepiece: a true 3D screen in the form of a giant figurehead with a feathered head-dress. The approximately 8m x 20m x 5m deep structure was projection mapped with high-quality video content for four successive nights during the festival.
Bristol-based collective Limbic Cinema was the team responsible for the stage's digital content and showtime operation. An Ai operation team, headed up by Avolites' Arran Rothwell-Eyre, worked


Robe on song for Singapore’s Garden Beats

Friday, 21 July 2017

Singapore - Lighting for the second Garden Beats Festival organised by Sunshine Nation and staged in the pastoral green environs of Fort Canning Park in Singapore was designed by Craig Burridge.
He included an interesting mix of Robe products on his plot including 24 x Linees, six ColorStrobes and six LEDBlinder 148 LTs, all of which contributed to a lively and colourful scheme for the one-day event for which the lighting vendor was locally based CSP Productions Pte Ltd.
Craig’s main objective was to have a flexible and adaptable rig to provide good general stage, set and audience lighting for the line-up of dance orientated artists – with a few surprises up his sleeve.
The 9 x 8m stage was fitted beneath a 10 x 9m ground-supported roof structure with 10m of headroom and this had to be squeezed in between a selection of heritage trees which grace the park, allowing the organisers to maximise the audience space.
The stage and DJ booth was clad in wood pieces and other natural materials which took the light well, and the view through the stage to the back was of one specific heritage tree that Craig knew would look awesome.
The client brief specifically requested that the lighting did not resemble a club as they were keen to emphasis the whole Garden Beats event as a once-only ‘for-the-moment’ experience, rather than something that can be repeated and replicated.
The general theme and mood of the festival is bright and colourful, so Craig took that into account. He also wanted to use a full LED rig to keep the power r


RCF reinforces Alan Parsons Live Project

Friday, 21 July 2017

Germany – Alan Parsons and his band were back in Germany for 13 dates throughout the country in May. Playing a mixture of indoor and outdoor shows with his nine-piece band, Alan Parsons Live Project was mixed by Emmy-nominated FoH engineer and production manager Ross Pallone. Ross states that “the sound of the show has to be very high quality, as the fans expect that”.
To achieve maximum quality and perfect coverage in all the different venues, 24 modules of RCF HDL 50-A were used as the main system, 12 per side, plus 18 RCF SUB 9007-AS for the low-frequency coverage, six TT052A as front-fills and four TTL 6-A for the out-fill coverage.
“I was invited to use the RCF HDL-50 system for the Alan Parsons Live Project tour in Germany back in May 2017. I had never heard of or used any RCF PA systems before, so I was sceptical - but the sound company assured me that it is a good PA system.” Ross continued. “As it turned out, I was very pleased with the RCF PA. It was very smooth with excellent coverage. The main PA was powerful and never harsh.
“The 21” SUB 9007-AS is the best I have ever used. They were set up every day in the cardioid pattern that made the subs deliver the same volume from the front of the venue to the back. I could sit right in front of the subs and not be blown away.
“This also worked well with the low profile RCF TT052A front fills that were provided. I am always very concerned that the people in the front rows have good sound. I do not want them to be pounded to death with subs, and I want them to be able to h


L-Acoustics Syva is the height of Paris fashion

Thursday, 20 July 2017

France - Held in the stunning Cour Marly of the Louvre’s museum, the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2017 show at the recent Paris Fashion Week featured Vuitton’s models showing off the fashion house’s new collection amongst white marble statues from the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV. Usually, the specification for such a show’s audio is that it should be heard and not seen, but on this occasion, L-Acoustics’ new Syva system took a starring role.
Audio company De Préférence has collaborated with Louis Vuitton for many years and has become a master of invention, conjuring up new ideas for each event.
“Each time the Vuitton team does a show, they want something different,” says De Préférence’s Alain Français. “But one thing is always the same - they never want to see the loudspeakers! This means I’m always looking for new equipment and new ways of hiding the cabinets.
“For this show, taking place in an exceptional space with so much history and impact, we considered and tested a lot of different options. Because the Cour Marly is entirely constructed of marble and has a glass roof, it’s an incredibly reverberant space. Trying to find a solution that could cope with that, deliver the right amount of SPL, have the right tonal range and be invisible was proving difficult, particularly as there really is nowhere to hide large subs in the room.”
It was at this point that Alain was introduced to the just-announced L-Acoustics Syva, which features six 5" MF speakers providing usable bandwidth to 87Hz and three 1.75 inch HF


DPA join New Kids On The Block 2017 tour

Thursday, 20 July 2017

USA - During the late 80's and 90's, New Kids On The Block took the world by storm with their super-catchy songs and clean cut good looks. Selling out concerts in record time, Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jordan and Jon gave birth to the boyband phenomenon. Today, New Kids On The Block is proving it still has the right stuff. The band sounded better than ever as it sold out arenas on its 2017 Total Package Tour. Because of his long history and record of success, legendary FOH Mix Engineer Kevin Elson chose DPA Microphones for the tour.
"I was first introduced to DPA by my friend and colleague Eddie Caipo a few years back when we worked together on Christina Aguilera's shows," says Elson. "He had some DPA capsules with him and the first one I tried was the d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphone on the toms. I was also able to use the d:facto 4018 Vocal Microphone on the New Kids On The Block cruise about a year ago. I tried it on one of the guys for a solo performance and he really liked it a lot, so I told him I wanted to mic the whole group for the Total Package Tour."
On the Total Package Tour, Elson used d:facto 4018 mics for all of the New Kids' vocals, as well as the d:vote 4099 on the toms. "On the vocal side, I found the d:facto 4018's are such solid, reliable mics," adds Elson. "Instead of taking everything away to try to make them sound full, I ended up being able to add some air up top. This allowed me to work the microphones rather than the mics dictating what I did. As far as drums, we got less cymbal bleed into the toms' mics.
“The cymbals were pre


X4 Bars star in Dream of Gerontius at RFH

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - An ambitious production of Sir Edward Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius - a collaboration between the English National Opera, Royal Festival Hall and BBC Singers, was described by lighting designer Lucy Carter as “dramatic, soulful, beautiful, calm and overwhelming”.
Her aim “to map the emotions of the music in order to give the audience a visceral sensation, with all lighting textures complementary to the music” was achieved with 160 of GLP’s award-winning X4 Bars, which were used almost exclusively in the set.
These fixtures formed the main component of the show, featuring full orchestra and chorus, as the LD mapped every single pixel individually on an ETC EOS desk - with programmer Jenny Kershaw setting up over 500 cues on the console.
This exercise required not only major support from ETC’s Andy Davies but also GLP’s Simon Barrett, who equipped all 160 fixtures (including 10 of the smaller Bar 10 battens) with the company’s new 2 degree filter. Fitted as a diffuser on the front, this smoothed out any possible colour shift when viewed at close range.
The stage set itself comprised a large outer tri-lined triangle of bars, set at an angle of 10° from the mother truss, with a smaller triangle in the middle, and a further three long X4 Bar 20 lines at the back.
Lucy Carter visualised this epic design in WYSIWYG over a three-week period before having to set up the massive test rig at RFH, which then had to be derigged for another production before being reinstalled in what proved to be an extremely tight time


Chauvet joins Blackpool Fitness Showcase 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - While Blackpool’s Winter Gardens is perhaps most famed for its varied programme of visiting musical acts, during three days in March, the complex attracts a whole different kind of audience for the International Fitness Showcase (IFS), the UK’s largest event for fitness aficionados.
To provide suitably dynamic lighting for the three energy-packed days of dance, aerobics, lectures, workshops and mind/body sessions across the 14 rooms of the Winter Gardens, LD and assistant production manager Ollie Wilkinson and Thomas Beattie, production manager at Arranpaul, came up with a lighting concept spearheaded by a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash, COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 and Rogue R1 Spot fixtures.
“As this was the sixth year that Arranpaul provided production for the IFS, we wanted to make this year’s design special,” commented Wilkinson. “With our huge arsenal of Chauvet, we were able to create vibrant looks throughout the whole complex to bring out the energy in the show.”
Throughout the 14 rooms – including the 3000-capacity Victorian-era Empress Ballroom --Wilkinson specified 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash, 12 COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 and six Rogue R1 Spot moving head fixtures to set the tone for an upbeat lighting display. While the Rogue R2 Wash and the COLORdash Battens produced a consistent palette of engaging saturated wash lighting, the Rogue R1 Spots delivered punchy bursts of energetic aerial effects, thanks to such features as a 3-facet prism and interchangeable gobo wheels.
“The combination o


Hawthorn supports Status Quo acoustic dates

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - Hawthorn has recently supported Status Quo for their Aquostic tour; a follow up to their 2015 album Aquostic II which includes the band’s biggest hits, reimagined in an acoustic setting.
Running from 2 June to 1 July, the tour included a headline spot on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury and Suite Festival in Barcelona, before culminating in a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall.
Hawthorn supplied a lighting and drapes package, which ranged from a console and visualiser to allow Status Quo’s lighting designer to programme the show during band rehearsals, to a floor package and variety of extras to supplement the in-house lighting systems for the warm up shows and festivals, and a full lighting rig for the Royal Albert Hall.
Ewan Cameron, the band’s lighting designer said: ''Status Quo have had a very strong working relationship with Hawthorn for a number of years and the service they provided for the Aquostic tour once again delivered the level of high quality equipment and support I’ve come to expect from Mick and the team. No request or detail is too small and it’s great to have their support when the band goes on the road.”
Mick Freer, Hawthorn’s head of concert touring said: “It’s always a pleasure to work with Ewan and the Status Quo team. Whether they’re staging a full-on rock performance or a stripped back acoustic show, the visual experience has to be on point to meet audience expectations and it’s a privilege to work with the team to help create that.”
Equipment supplied included: Claypaky


Liteup enters the arena with alt-J

Thursday, 20 July 2017

UK - Technical supplier and coordinator Liteup Events recently supported Mercury Prize-winning music stars, alt-J, at their first arena show of 2017 at London's The O2 Arena, as part of the venue's 10th year celebrations. The arena show comes at the beginning of alt-J's current worldwide tour, which also saw them headline The Other Stage at Glastonbury this year.
Liteup began working with lighting and show design duo Jeremy Lechterman and Jackson Gallagher of FragmentNine on alt-J's last album cycle. Working alongside production manager Bennie Brongers and tour manager Maarten Cobbaut, Liteup is supplying all things visual, except for lasers, on their current EU tour. The company is also supplying the lighting and video control package worldwide.
For the festival shows, which make up the bulk of alt-J's touring this summer, Liteup is supplying 84 x GLP X4 Bar 20, 18 x Claypaky Mythos2, three Robe BMFL Wash Beam and 22 x SGM P5 LED washlight. Demonstrating their problem-solving approach, Liteup collaborated with WonderWorks, Brilliant Stages and FragmentNine to devise a custom dolly solution to get nearly 250 fixtures and a 60' wrap around video screen on stage in 10 minutes.
"The detail of a show's production is integral to making the tour work smoothly and successfully, so going above and beyond makes a big difference," says Marc Callaghan, cofounder of the company alongside partner Kris Box. "For example, when alt-J played at Rock Werchter Festival, trying to get the production floor package in, with The Foo Fighters headlining after, needed a lot


Natural History Museum makes big splash

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

UK - The Natural History Museum has re-opened its famous Hintze Hall event space following a transformation which welcomes a blue whale skeleton to take pride of place.
The Natural History Museum reveals a new-look Hintze Hall which features a stunning 25.2 metre blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling and spectacularly diving into the space. This is part of the museum’s biggest transformation it its 136-year history which includes hundreds of new specimens which have been chosen to celebrate the wonder and beauty of the natural world, from the origins of the universe, to the story of evolution and the diversity in the world today.Ten choice specimens have also been arranged in ground floor alcoves – known as Wonder Bays – including a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite and a Mantellisaurus skeleton.
The new installation provides event guests with an opportunity to dine directly underneath the sweeping blue whale skeleton, complete with its own stunning lighting display designed by White Light.
The launch event invited 1,100 guests to celebrate the spectacular re-opening of Hintze Hall. Guests were treated to an immersive experience on arrival including an ocean-inspired star cloth draping a walk-through tunnel, with smells and sounds of the sea. The guest journey continued through a mist curtain into Hintze Hall, immediately experiencing the grandeur of the new blue whale skeleton, under which was a sea scape with caterers
Speeches were delivered by the Museum’s Chair, Director and special guests including Sir David Attenborough. T


Yamaha Rivage PM10 gets the blues

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Netherlands - Inspired by American blues festivals, where audiences enjoy a rich diet of blues music with a side order of spare ribs, Ribs&Blues is an annual event held in the Dutch town of Raalte. This year’s event saw an eclectic mix of blues, roots and rock acts mixed on a Yamaha Rivage PM10 system at Front of House.
The free festival takes place each year over the Whitsun weekend, attracting over 45,000 people. This year it featured an international line-up which included blues legend Walter Trout, Golden Earring, the Beach Boys, Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions, the Red Devils, Barrelhouse and many more.
Since 2011 the festival has featured a second stage, but it was the 15 acts on the on the main stage whose FoH engineers had the benefit of the Rivage PM10.
Technical production for the main stage was handled by Focus Amsterdam, with the audio equipment provided by leading European rental house RentAll. Resident Focus Amsterdam engineer Gijs Schouten was present throughout the festival to mix the bands that did not come with their own engineer and to show the system to those who had not used it before.
Gijs has a lot of experience with Rivage PM10 and observed how simple it made band changeovers at what was a very challenging event.
“There was no time for soundchecks. As soon as one band finished, their equipment was removed, the next band’s gear set up and they performed straight away,” he says. “It had the potential to cause many sound problems, but the easy, fast access and setup of Rivage PM10 meant th


Jeff Ravitz and Bandit light Electric Forest Festival

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

USA - Owing to high demand (with tickets selling out before the line-up was even announced), the Electric Forest Music Festival doubled its days and held its woodland adventure over two consecutive weekends, with thousands making their way back into the effervescent woods that feel straight out of a fairytale dream.
Lighting designer Jeff Ravitz returned to design the lighting for the Sherwood Court Stage with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.
In designing the stage where artists such as Lido, The Floozies, Tycho and Black Tiger Sex Machine would perform, Ravitz focused on updating the overall look while still maintaining the aspects of the design that made last year’s set up successful, foremost of which was ensuring the system was ‘all things to all bands’ (within reason and budget).
“We have four or five of the artists’ LDs coming in daily, all with the desire to be true to their touring show, and I attempt to give them the building blocks,” Ravitz explained. “I retained last year’s core overhead lighting positions that seemed to provide everyone with the angles and density of beamage that they liked, and I kept the mixture of fixture types so there would continue to be a variety of textures and effects.”
Due to Bandit’s extensive inventory of out-of-the-ordinary truss shapes, Ravitz was able to save on custom trussing and transform previously straight runs of truss into curved elements. “This not only added interest, but it was immediately seen as something cool looking and new as the crowd gathered during


The Wombats return to Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Australia - The Wombats are currently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their first album, touring Australia with Groovin’ the Moo and performing a few side shows. For the past five years FOH engineer Pete Bartlett has worked with the band as well as his other main act The Pretenders.
The band members and crew were delighted to play a couple of shows at the Sydney Opera House, performing memorable and joyous shows. Let’s face it, it’s not often you witness six full-grown humans dancing around in wombat suits on stage whilst confetti guns spray over the crowd.
JPJ Audio supplied a control package that included an Avid Profile for FOH and another for monitors.
“I always use an Avid Profile as I have loads of plugins and I’m not a big fan of anything newer,” says Pete.
Pete explained that he tries to turn his Profile console as much as possible into an SSL console. The reason why is that he admits to being an eighties kid who learnt all of his tricks from being in bands and sitting in studios behind eighties producers.
“I stole all my tricks from eighties producers but hey, a lot of it is all cool again!” he laughed. “Effects-wise, I use a complete mix - TC reverbs, Eventide etc, because the reverbs that come with the Profile are pretty poor.”
Pete commented that when he first started mixing for The Wombats, they had 10 channels of playback so if they lost the tambourine channel, they’ve lost that instrument. He didn’t like that so he went into their studio for a couple of days to mix everything to left /


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