PSCo holds Imperial presentation

Monday, 2 March 2009
PSCo holds Imperial presentation
UK - PSCo showcased the latest visual technologies at Imperial College, London this February, including a chance to see the Sharp 108" LCD and the 103" Panasonic plasma side by side.

The displays at the event included a 168" Infinite Plasma wall, 108" LCD from Sharp, 103" Panasonic Plasma with its ground breaking touchscreen overlay from U Touch Technology, all featuring Full HD content.

The 168" Infinite Plasma wall, made up of 4x4 bezel-less panels demonstrated the flexibility and impact of the product which can be built in any size or combination of screens. The new generation of screens offer improved brightness and contrast as well as a reduced seam gap, making them the most advanced video wall technology on the market, says the company. PSCo Burn-In Compensation technology (BIC), eliminates the visual signs of burn-in on the screens, therefore prolonging their life and enabling them to be used in applications with static imagery.

The new range of Samsung narrow bezel LCD, touchscreen and large format display technologies, were also displayed for the first time as PSCo has recently been appointed as a distributor.

PSCo Managing Director Stuart Holmes explains: "We were delighted with the visitor figures to the event and it was a great opportunity to show our large format product range in action, especially since we have added some stunning new products across the last few months. The new Infinite plasma with its Burn In Compensation technology was a favourite amongst visitors, and Sharp's 108" looked fantastic. Having all the screens alongside one another meant we could demonstrate their different applications."

(Jim Evans)

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